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Re: Emsam insomnia and spaciness d0pamine

Posted by BrightEyed+Blueberry on May 12, 2008, at 0:17:54

In reply to Re: Emsam insomnia and spaciness, posted by d0pamine on May 3, 2008, at 1:44:57

To the person with several years of the 12 MG EMSAM patch under the belt...are there "many of you?"

I don't have a long-term (or anything more than a short-term) impression about how many people EMSAM "works" "working" I suppose I least a year...ideally longer...I know it was only released in 2006? And its barely 2 years, and on top of THAT, it's not often prescribed --

--though maybe its only this board, anyone getting the feeling that its being used more and more? I know there was the fear it was going to be "taken away" cuz it "didn't work" and the company wasn't making any money (try not charging half a grand for a month's worth)....Though I think the main thing was / is (though its lessening) MAOI "fear" on doctors behalves....

And if there are "long-termers" out there, do you note (or does anyone) the similarities in these follks that may point as to "who" it may work for?

You know, comparing type of depression (atypical, treatment resistant, melancholic, dyphoric, anxietal, with ADD, with substance (a)buse [and which kind], chronic, recurrent, mild, moderate...+meds history in terms of what tried and what tended to work (say, folks who PAxil really worked for, or, the Wellbutrin solo/augmenting folks, or Prozacers, Effexors, augmenters of Strattera, other ADD meds - psychostims like Adderal...benzo use...antipsychotics (I refuse), Modaf, TCAs, other MAOIs....+sleepers or insomniacs....bipolar II maybes...mix of all...

I guess I'd say I'm an atypical depressive, recurrent mod depression, 1st love PAxil (eventual party pooper - first AD/SSRI benefit only?), other SSRIS 40% "remission" (ha!) not worth it (what's sex? ehh), apathetic Effexorite who eventually returned/gained control of her hosted body and escaped soul death...Wellbutrin augmenter through it all for energy and "awakeness,(i only appreciated it recently, holding on for dear life as I washed out of Effexor so I could try EMSAM--it is a "clean drug" for me, not stunting uh, "me", not hijacking my soul, nor my sex life, and works quick and is out of my body quick, tho I was still Wellbutrin irritable/mean at times, a 50% drug.... methamphetamine drug of choice when twas around, xanax for social phobia....hate Ambien and never hallucinated on it (one of the few who never saw/felt the hovering presences/fairies/spirits)

Interesting if there's enough past EMSAM messages to compile into an EMSAM/Selegilene section and enough current posting to do that...maybe this website uses tagging or some other feature I'm not aware of to keep up that way....would be interesting as its a newer drug...perhaps with growing uses (add, smoking tobacco/marijuana cessation, stim abuse aid and neuro "repair"...what have you all those clinical trials.

BTW, in terms of longevity (life lengthening--our does is too high? We killing the rat or getting a little benefit?!)

...i DIGRESS....

back to point - anyone have long-term impressions of other "long-term" or mid-term EMSAM users from this board -- and do they stay or disappear...and if they disappear, could we guess its cuz it worked and they felt no need to stay on....?

OK, compter OFF now, patch has been off an hour, and I have blockaged the windows and aiming to sleep shortly.

6mg EMSAM for 6 weeks
Tonight - no Xananx or Neurontin (cross fingers) or anything for sleep


> With several years of the 12MG EMSAM patch under my belt I'd have to say the most effective insomnia remedy I've found is pulling it off to sleep. For me this is 100% effective about 80% of the time. That is to say that I still end up only getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep one or two nights a week, but the rest of the week I sleep a good 8 hours.




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