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Re: Effexor XR bleauberry

Posted by aloesf on February 2, 2008, at 16:53:51

In reply to Re: Effexor XR, posted by bleauberry on February 1, 2008, at 20:08:12

> The effects you suffered sound like a lot more than the usual start-up side effects of a first dose for the average person.
> If you are allergic, I don't know if it is the effexor itself or one of the fillers. I am allergic to gluten and find it is hidden in so many things including medicine fillers. Food colorings, especially red and yellow commonly used in pills, are also common culprits.
> If you are allergic, the amount you consume won't make much difference. You'll react badly to even a tiny amount. I doubt you want to test it, but if you did you could open a capsule and consume just a very small amount of the contents.
> I think the bigger issue here is not effexor, but your allergies. To make progress that needs to improved. I spend time at heavy metal chelation forums because a majority of those people also suffer multiple allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. It is part of the body's poisoning and screwing up the immmune system. An allergic reaction is basically the immune system frieking out and going haywire. It is confused and sees normal things as foreign invaders. But it is confused for a reason that many people are able to correct.
> Do you have, or have you ever had, silver fillings in your teeth? If yes, you need to get the book Amalgam Illness, join the Yahoo forum frequent-dose-chelation, and begin removing mercury. Even if you don't have fillings, it would not be a surprise to discover you are toxic with lead, mercury or arsenic, all of which spark off allergic reactions like you wouldn't believe. Testing is fairly easy and safe if done right, quite hard and risky if done wrong. But if you get to that point shoot me a post and I will walk you through it.
> Allergies can also be caused by thing like leaky gut syndrome, where molecules are able to get through holes in the intestines without being digested. There are various supplements to help repair that.
> A good start with any allergies is to take strong digestive enzymes every time you eat, as well as non-buffered Vitamin C for its acidity, and possibly HCL. All these things help ensure that what you ingest is fully broken down into harmless substances before it enters your bloodstream.
> Parasites and candida fungus can also wreak havoc with immune system and allergies. Lab tests for those are usually not accurate. The best treatment is to assume you have them and treat them. There are so many medicines and herbs that kill these things, but one that seems to be the most broad spectrum, powerful, and tolerable, as well as beneficial to the gut, is oil of oregano. People have experienced dramatic reductions in multiple allergies with oil of oregano. Whether it was due to antibacterial, antifungal, antivirus, or other mechanisms, they don't know. It just worked. These folks, like you, had multiple allergies. One person was actually down to eating just 5 different foods because everything else was poison.
> Another cause of multiple chemical sensitivities is an imbalanced liver. That is, Phase I is too fast compared to Phase II. There are simple supplements that can adjust your liver function to slow down Phase I and speed up Phase II. This is an extremely common condition in most people with allergies, and is often the actual cause. Simple things like pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, niacinamide, or niacin can skew your liver function one way or the other. You consume which one you need based on your liver profile, which can be revealed by a lab test called the Liver Detox test.
> Whether you have silver fillings or not, you should buy the book Amalgam Illness. In it the PHd author has a chapter and many helpful suggestions on eliminating allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. Obviously one of the simplest starters is to take an antihistamine. Since you are at a psych board, I wonder if you could tolerate Remeron? With its strong antihistamine action, it could serve as an antidepressant and antiallergy.
> I have not visited any, but I am sure there are Multiple Chemical Sensitivity forums on Yahoo. Real people just like you can probably offer some great advice and things that work.
> Without dealing with the allergic reactions, you many never be able to find to take the medications that would ultimately help you a lot.
> I hope this is helpful. Again, I'm not sure if you had an allergic reaction to effexor or not. But since you are already allergic to 250 other things, well, now it is 251. That is solidly diagnostic of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which is serious but can be improved dramatically. Amalgam Illness and Yahoo forums should be your next stop, not the psychiatrist.

> Sorry , I am short on time today, but I did read and printed out your post! Very Interesting!!!! (I did have silver fillings and do take an antihistamine) I will take your advise, see if I can locate the book, and I have an appointment with one of my Docs and will ask him about some of these test! I am not real rescure with a couple of my doctors, one doesnt know what to do with me and the other wants to continue giving me meds that I am afraid to take !!!!!!
I was taking 2 allergy shots at the same time for 8 months and started getting migraines so I quit, they are wanting me to start them again and I have slid around the subject!!I want to get to the bottom of this!!!!!!!
Thank You So Much, you have been very Helpful.




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