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Re: My Anxiety is so Bad..Can anyone Relate to thi garyengelm

Posted by Phoenix1 on January 14, 2008, at 19:19:04

In reply to My Anxiety is so Bad..Can anyone Relate to this ??, posted by garyengelm on January 14, 2008, at 16:04:41

> Just want to see if anyone has anxiety as bad as mine and what they've tried.
> My anxiety gets so bad sometimes, I'm on the verge of going in-patient into a hospital. Here is my daily routine. I get up at 8am, awakened by the anxiety. It's usually in my head in the morning. I get up about 8am, take Klonopin 1mg, Serzone 300mg, and Metoprolol for HR control at 12.5mg. Next I get my two kids 5 and 7 ready and off to the bus stop. I come back to the house and within the hour of taking the meds, my anxiety eases from like a 7/10 to a 4/10. With the cold weather, and the general feeling of anxiety, I don't leave the house much. I am able at times to go to the grocery store and to my MD appts. During the day, I try and stay busy doing odds and ends, but the anxiety starts getting worse by noon. I gets so bad that I just sit on my couch with my hands on my head just tapping my feet on the floor. I feel the anxiety in my stomach, chest, and sometimes in the head. I hate it when it's in the head, thats usually when I say to myself I can't take this anymore. I take 0.25-0.5mg of Xanax again at noon or so and I calm down again for a few hours but it's still there. My kids get home and are all hyper at around 4:30pm and this gets my anxiety going again. In general, my anxiety is usually on average a 7/10. I've read all the self help book, audios, etc, but they don't help worth a damn. Around 7pm or so, I repeat the morning meds and then I calm down real nice. Sometimes, I feel perfect. Not sure why this is, but I think I'm just exhausted from all the anxiety during the day. When I finally get into bed usually at around 11pm, I fall right asleep. I don't wake up during the night. I have bad dreams or should I say weird bizarre dreams. They arn't nightmares, but just not pleasant. So now I'm trying to add the low dose antipsychotics, but I only get more sedated. Thats my day, can anyone relate. I didn't talk much about depression, I am depressed, but not sure if it's because of all of this anxiety or if it's what triggered all this in the first place. Any responses would be appreciated.
> Gary

First of all, I can relate. I was in your poistion a month or so ago. It's a horrible feeling to have your anxiety totally out of control despite the meds you are prescribed. I struggled against increasing anxiety by increasing my own benzo dosages. A bad situation that was spiralling out of control. That was coupled with worsening depression. I did go inpatient for a week to get stabilized, which probably saved my life. Now, I'm on an MAOI, and have reduced my own benzo (klonopin) dosages, and finally feel in control and happy. I'm not saying my solution is what will work for you. The previous poster suggested Zyprexa. That also may or may not work for you. Everyone is so different. What is clear to me is that you need a psychiatrist to totally review your meds and look at some alternatives. The benzos are great at reducing anxiety, and when used appropriately can work wonders. But they don't appear to be working all that well for you at the moment. I feel for you because I know what that paralyzing irrational anxiety is like, and I know how badly you want relief from it. Please have a psychiatrist review your meds and come up with a new plan. I'm happy to help with any questions or suggestions if you would like.





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