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Re: Anxiety without clonzapam (klonopin), Help

Posted by tecknohed on January 12, 2008, at 16:19:54

In reply to Anxiety without clonzapam (klonopin), Help, posted by pinkeetoz on February 24, 2006, at 17:49:00

Thought I'd just add my experience with clonazepam.

Firstly, I take UK branded Rivotril. I think its the equivilent of US Klonopin.
I did a whole year at 1.5mg to try & get better relief from my SA which Nardil had become far less effective at over time. Well, it barely touched me at that dose.

I came off Nardil & tried a couple more ADs, all the time keeping my Rivotril at 1.5mg. Buspirone failed, buspirone + lofepramine failed, mirtazapine failed. I decided to go for Marplan next.

During the weeks waiting for my next pdoc appointment (to go on Marplan) I though **** it & doubled my Rivotril to 3mg. Within DAYS I felt at least 60% relief in my SA symptoms. Little sedation which didn't last. Even had a DEFINITE mild antidepressant effect. That was over 3 months ago. Marplan is doing well but I wouldn't function properly without 3mg clonazepam.

I have no sedation AT ALL, no feeling of needing extra doses. In the mornings I often open my pill box & realise I forgot to take my last 1mg from day before. Together with Marplan I am very chatty on it when socializing - in fact I chat the most! I crave social interaction but can (just about) relax on my own, though I'm normall fully charged till bedtime.

Clonazepam hasn't created tolerance in me, & I doubt (& hope) that it ever will. See, here in UK its only licenced for epilepsy, NOT anxiety. And epileptics often need to take it for life, up to 6mg. Thats what the leaflet says.

One last point. I often wonder if some people who build quick tolerance to benzos are actually creating the tolerance themselves. Not intentionally but by mistaking the dissappearance of sedation as a sign that they need to go higher. And higher. Untill they've gone well beyond the theraputic range to the point where the benzo becomes counter productive. When stabalized on a correct dose of a benzo you shouldn't feel sedated, but you'll simply notice that you're symptoms have improved. An easy thing to overlook if you're psychologically worried that its stopped working just because it doesn't feel 'calming' any more. I dont feel 'calmed' on mine but I'm well aware its working. In fact my Marplan gives me more sedation than my Rivotril.

Of course this wont apply with everyone, but its worth thinking about.

Just thinking out loud.




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