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Re: Seroquel vs. Risperdal

Posted by infectedmushrooms on September 26, 2007, at 0:22:50

In reply to Re: Seroquel vs. Risperdal twinch42085, posted by Phillipa on September 25, 2007, at 20:44:41

here is all the information you are gonna need...

crazymeds is b*llshit by the way b/c no one goes into long term side effects that drugs cause after you quit them...

sex was the most important thing in life to me now that is gone b/c of risperdal treatment for 3 months yes only 3 months can do it but it is dose dependent so 2mg may or may not effect someone life it did me as i took 4-5 at a short period of time with max dose of zoloft which completey screwed my system and i took it for physical pain in my head that was caused by something physical and misdiagnosed...

masturbation doesn't even feel good anymore since taking this poison...

hypospermatogenesis they refer to is:

if you are a woman you will lose your menstrual cycle and not get your period...

everything is related to the hypothalamus and pituitory signalling...dopamine inhibits prolactin and this causes lactation etc...supersensitzing dopamine shrinks the cells of dopamine and can potentially cause TD or NMS..if done right under the pituitory stalk this is bad news for ones sex life as the master gland is overproducing prolactin which kills sex drive reduces testosterone and causes secondary hypogonadism

So not only does one lose their sex drive but their ability to conceive is cut off...Of course when regeneration of the dopamine primarily D2 receptors of the brain takes place this reverses but how long should this all take if one only took the drug for 3 months and 2 years later it still feels like you are on the current protocol is a life long detox program i have developed with specific organ promoting supplements and organic foods...i feel like all the exercise i did when i was younger is wasted as my dopamine cells have become less dendritic and shrunk from the drug i only took for 3 months...

one's prolactin levels should be under 3 for a good sex drive and the "normal range" established by the medical community is 1-18 typically which is too wide to determine abnormalities in ones current level of prolacin is around 8 on my last blood test...research articles show that during risperdal treatment prolactin levels go above normal in most cases treatment but after treatment they go within normal range but normal is not baseline which is the only "normal" there is unless someone already had a medical my baseline prolactin could have been 1 and now its 8 but still within normal range and undetected as abnormal on a blood test which is why this cannot be proven either way... just know the one telling the symptoms is always right




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