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Re: Permanent Male Sexual Dysfunction after Remero Oppycat

Posted by infectedmushrooms on August 14, 2007, at 16:47:02

In reply to Re: Permanent Male Sexual Dysfunction after Remero Girlnterrupted78, posted by Oppycat on August 14, 2007, at 14:50:23

> > He's clean of antidepressants now--for two years. And he claims he's not depressed. He just lost feelings of enjoyment due to his condition (the sexual dysfunction.)
> >
> > He's 23--he used to have a healthy sexual life before this happened, and now he's got nothing other than shame and can't enjoy sex anymore, even though he keeps meeting girls--which makes matters worse.
> >
> > He's been telling me he's suicidal and that he's been chickening out the few times he was ready to do it. But that's his thinking right now, just to really kill himself.
> >
> > If he has any "depressive" feelings, they're only related to his condition, and not actual clinical depression alone. The reason he ever took antidepressants was not due to depression, but because he has OCD and his mom and shrink forced him to take Remeron

"I would be depressed and pissed as hell at the psychiatrist who prescribed that sh*t o wait i already am pissed at mine and my f*kin parents as well...Also did the drugs help him with his OCD at all anyway shape or form or just do nothing and now he has OCD and this so the drug ultimately f*ked up more things in his life...It seems the only drugs that should be prescribed are nootropics b/c they are proven to be much safer and don't cause brain damage if taken correctly...Psychiatry is a f*ked up science in today's society where drugs that are proven safe are in the back burner b/c the newer drugs that just come out are not studied extensively and they can make tons of money on them b/c of their brand new fukin patents...These newer drugs are proven to damage the brains of people,, ie TD and once the FDA approves it it's considered safe even when people are still getting fuked up on them even 10-20 years later and have symptoms that don't go away in time...the FDA does not give a fuk about anything about people's side effect or reports except its all about MONEY MONEY MONEY so sh*t is left in the back burner for people struggling from these drugs!!!...I even think pubmed is being paid off by the fukin drug companies themsevles b/c their studies are written biased half the time where there is always inconclusiveness in so many ways and they claim once someone goes off the drug the side effects go away in a lot of their reporting...Why don't you ever see case studies out there on people like us or others that took risperdal and never got their d*cks or pussies working again...see askapatient for that sh*t...They say once your off the drug your hormone levels are within normal range and normal range is a range that is so large you could be practically dead and still be in that hormonal range on a blood test....Who determines the normal range range on blood tests anyway I would seriously like to find that out....

> > Is there a cure for this? Or is he doomed to have no recovery?
He is not doomed to not recover...He is going to get better I promise you that or you can promise him that...He really needs to do trial and error with supplements and smart drugs and try again and again until he gets it right...Also exercise healthy living and attempting to be positive may help a little but when he uses the right supplements/drugs together with a good attitude it may spark a chain reaction and a concrete gene expression change...The situation sucks more than anything believe me I know and I got so angry at my parents I was thrown into a mental hospital this summer b/c I was misdiagnosed and took these drugs...I shouldn't have broken 300 dollars worth of sh*t but my anger is so deep its basically inate by now when before I was never angry at anyone and was always a caring person....
I tend to agree that he probably is depressed and that is causing his sexual problems. At lower dosages, Remeron makes me horny as hell. I realize everyone is different, but it's a real long shot that past usage of Remeron caused this problem. I also doubt very seriously that this is a permanent condition.
"I have read other testomonials that remeron can make people horny and I have recently found that it can reverse PSSD in some... but everyone reacts differently...Believe it or not I was horny as hell on paxil 50 mg for 2 years...SSRIS didn't have an effect on my lbido it actually enhanced it until risperdal fuked me up and now I have small bitch t*ts from the drug I took for 3 months and they shrink back to normal when I take piracetam or take an ativan...fuk me for that>>>!!!!"

> Having said that, I certainly understand how he feels. Sexual dysfunction is probably the main reason that I switched medications frequently over a 30-year fight with depression. Sex is not something I'm going to give up without a fight.

>"Sex is number one most important thing in life...No matter how fuked up someone's thinking is does not justify giving a drug that will make you sex life suffer and this can cause trauma or shock to an individual who was already suffering for so long... without it life sucks already but then it sucks so bad you don't even want to live anymore....AGREED ON THAT.... "





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