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Re: Ritalin a short term MIRACLE for social anxiet

Posted by kingcolon on July 11, 2007, at 12:50:07

In reply to Ritalin a short term MIRACLE for social anxiety+D, posted by AdamCanada on June 28, 2007, at 17:45:39

> It has been a short term miracle for me for my strong social anxiety and unipolar depression which gives me low drive, low motivation, low enjoyment, and general apathy.
> I know Take 10mg Paxil and 0.5mg ativan 3+ times a day. And Ritalin 1.25mg when needed (for social situations).
> Which this combo and the change from xanax to ativan (xanax doesnt do anything for my SA or sleep)... I have been able to get good sleep finally and after years of not meeting ANYONE and have such low self confidence I have met 3 women in 1 week.
> Amazing isn't it. Ativan does a lot for my Social Anxiety and I dont have these intense fears of what to say to women etc like I used to. I used to even fear phone calls. I still do but not when after the paxil kicks in the evening or if I take Ritalin the magic miracle pill.
> I have met 3 women in one week and they ALL have wanted to see me again. Who knows one of these relationships may even become serious. I owe this all thanks to ativan but more importantly Ritalin.
> On Ritalin all of a sudden I am more talkative, more lively, more interested in everything, and social anxiety generally goes away by a large degree.
> IT is a MIRACLE but i cannot take it every day. I cannot take it long term or it will lose it's effects and I will spiral down like I did before.
> I can only take it once in a while and when I am not on it I dont feel too social. I dont want to talk. I dont want to ''go out''. But if I need to I take ritalin and I am fine and I have a good time.
> I wish... Ritalin wouldn't lose it's effectiveness over time and didn't cause such weight loss otherwize I would love to take it always. I would love to feel ALIVE always. But it seems I cant.
> So... what else can I try for perhaps a more permiment cure for depression + social anxiety?
> I will keep taking the ritalin because I want to have a life. But I need a perminent solution.
> Also... how do you people fight the weight loss??

I also have the same SA and depression you have. I can't take amphetamines because I've had a history of abuse, but when I was using my SA and depression were minimal. So I looked to other dopaminergics. I tried Requip (ropinirole) and Mirapex(pramipexole). They helped to a degree, but there were side effects of lethargy. Wellbutrin helped as well, but not as much. Interestingly, I smoke, and am using Chantix (varenicline) which indirectly stimulates dopamine and do find it modestly effective for my depression and SA. Unfortunately, I relapsed into smoking. I'm one of those few people who have started using Subutex (buprenorphine) for depression (also abused opioids in the past). I've only been on it for a couple of months, but it's anti-anxiety effects are very strong. I've not been in enough social situations yet to see if it really helps with SA, but am hopeful. I also take Cymbalta and Lamictal--I did find Lamictal to be initially fairly anxiolytic, but not so much after long term use. The MAOI's are very dopaminergic, and Nardil is the old one most studied for SA. It definitely helped but lost effectiveness in 1 year (I used it years ago). The new one (EMSAM) should be studied for its SA effects--I think some have reported it helpful on this site.




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