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I don't need proof anymore, I trust my judgements

Posted by stargazer on April 5, 2007, at 8:06:07

In reply to Re: They all lie, not all get caught. So prove it, posted by notfred on March 31, 2007, at 16:47:37

I could never prove it but based on much of what I have read, the lies of major pharmaceuticals is rampant. I could possibly prove it (someone has) if I had a lawsuit, like if I committed suicide while on Zoloft before they included suicidality as a side effect. But you better have deep pockets to take on BIG Pharma giants. I'm sure they knew people were killing themselves while on AD's and it wasn't from the depression getting worse as they were saying. It wasn't until kids were dying in record numbers that it really looked into and determined to be true, hence the new warning for children but it happensto adults as well.

Personal experience has been my guide to knowing that drug companies withhold publishing negative side effects until lawsuits force them to. This has been proven in court although you can always get two experts to support either side of any argument. I belive the numbers of deaths proved the point and hidden documents validates the drug companies knew about it.

I told my doc Zoloft was making me suicidal and and he said that was not a SE and it was the depression getting worse. Not true, it was the drug since when I stopped it the suicidality went away.

Proof is not the only way to know something is not right. Proof can take years and by then it can be too late. I would rather be suspect and critical of something that does not feel right rather than assume I am imagining something that can kill me.

Look at all the drugs that have been pulled from the market for deadly side effects. You can't tell me the company's didn't know about the side effects premarketing, if the data was interpreted and presented accurately. A spin can always be put on the results, statistics 101. Cover ups are becoming more and more common as drugs vie for the top dollars to secure company profitability.

How about all the side effects of the AP's now being publicized. And what about drug companies not being required to report side effects post marketing? How is that allowed? None of this is helping the patients that develop side effects or die as a result of this deception pre-marketing or post-marketing.

I am proably alive because of my distrust and skepticism. Else I would have continued taking Zoloft blindly ignoring my gut feeling that the drug was making me worse. Not all patients are so crazy they have lost their abilities to know something feels very wrong, even like it is killing you. I'm lucky in that I do have alot of suspicions, from my depression and expereinces in working in health care and it has served me well in knowing what seems real and what doesn't. MY doctor tells me to this day my knowledge and questioning of things has allowed me to avoid hospitalization and death, where many other patients haven't been so lucky.

So I don't need proof in order to believe something is real. Proof often comes too late
for many who are too sick to fight for themselves.





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