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Re: Betrayed and in what condition?- Phillipa

Posted by Honore on April 1, 2007, at 11:20:33

In reply to Re: Betrayed and put into what type of condition?, posted by Fivefires on April 1, 2007, at 9:14:29

Phillipa, I'm concerned because I think you aren't doing some things that you need to do. Even if they're extremely hard, what you need to work on, or just make yourself do, is try another AD, and take a therapeutic dose of it, and then see, over a period of time, if it helps.

You have fears, irrational fears really, of the effects of these drugs. Even if they have unpleasant side effects, they won't do serious damage. The worst that happens is that you stop, and there's a brief period of time when you feel really bad.

I think we have to accept that, even if it's lousy, and even if, by now, one would think they could have come up with better drugs.

You have to just steel yourself to go through the terror, and just try to reason with yourself, about the reality of what is and isn't happening-- you need, I mean really need, to find a way to do it; Otherwise, you'll be stuck in this depressed limbo forever. I don't want that for you.

I remember distinctly, last summer or fall, that you wanted to try Emsam. You spent a lot of time and energy, here, with me and SLS, and others, trying to get the courage to do it. On the last day before your pdoc appointment (with the pdoc you've now returned to,)you got too frightened. I don't know what this pdoc said about Emsam, but unless she's psychic, she can't possibly know if it's too activating for you. Maybe she said that it might be-- maybe she had concerns. But you had already backed away, at the last minute, the day before.

You wanted (until you panicked) to go off the low (too low to be therapeutic) dose of Luvox, and try Emsam. Suddenly, you decided to stay on Luvox. Do you remember that? And your Pdoc suggested that if you stayed on, you go up to a therpeutic dose--I believe you mentioned 300 mg-- but you didn.t.

I want to emphasize: You never went up to the recommended dose. You stayed at the low, non-therapeutic dose-- which didn't---and hadn't--and won't-- help you.

You need to act now to push your life forward. I don't know what the right drug, or drug combination is-- but I'm pretty sure there is one-- not positive (one never can be) but optimistic. Whether it's Emsam, or Parnate, or Nardil, or some other drug in another class of drugs-- Trazadone, a newer tricyclic-- or again, a combination--

the one thing I feel convinced absolutely of is that continuing on 25-50 mg of Luvox is going to leave you where you've been for the last 6 months- year-- or possibly longer. In a very depressed, frightened, isolated, and immobilized place.

It hurts me to see you there, and I know there's not much I can do to help you try the drugs that you're afraid will kill or harm you seriously. I can only try to remind you of the things you've said while I've been here on Pbabble-- all of which lead me to believe, very strongly, that going back to your old pdoc, and your old regimen (low dose luvox) is NOT the answer.

I'm not against Lyrica; I dont know enough about it. I just know that you need something different from what you've been doing; and that it will be very hard for you to do it. I wish I could make it easier. But I especially wish I could communicate to you how much I think there is hope, if you could try something else-- with your old pdoc, or a new pdoc--





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