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Posted by willyee on October 19, 2006, at 6:44:36

A lot of people have bad experiances with this drug,or none to speak of.Here are just some things again since there was such a long thread above,that i wanna mention.These are from my experiance,and what ive read.

---- Again as any form of Monotherapy,it is extremly unlikly to help,in fact people using it for pain,with no prior depression sometimes complain of it creating depression.Im not sure if it is technicaly a sedative,but alone it will behave as one,and accumalte fast to create anxiety and depression.

----- There is a initial effect of a HIGH a lot of people get,some like it,understandable.This effect is one you get when u do not have it in you long and kinda stab at it,it and i wish i could say DEFIANTLY does not last,but it really wont.

---- It is best used from my experiance with two things,first at the least a semi effective Anti depressant.Second a benzo.The thought behind this is most people know there arent many anti depressants out there that will work without causing some anxiety,and maniac like features.You also have to wonder if this is worsened by the fact you now have a person in a sense "free" for the first time,and its not unreasonable to see all sorts of ideas comming in on what to do with this new found freedom,you want to make up for lost time fast,and conquer the world.This could lead to anxiety,or worsen it,etc.Of course this is not the case for everyone,but i know i have been here.

---- Assuming a person does have a AD,and benzo,this is the best time to try Neurontin.What it seems to do is allow a slightly lower use of a benzo,and also add a social effect that a benzo seems to lack.When used this way,it also can show anti depressant effect.I personaly can tell when i need to cut back on it because its depressant properties are appearent to me.

---- Last unfortunatly this drug seems to work best at some absurd levels,800 mg horse tabs seem to work for me,anything lower and i dont get much.But i feel this is dependant on my weight,im approx 230-250,it varies on how bad im snacking lol.

---- Multiple dosing also seems to be best as well,prefably three,morning evening and night.

The drug as you know is now generic,so if you have decent insurance,the higher doses should finaly be obtainable.Pzfier kept this drug at outrageous prices.

Anyway these are just some things to consider from a personal perspective.Not attempting to argue anyone else view who may see otherwise.

I will say it seems to be helping me a lot,and the only thing i can note is i followed some of the things i mention.I use a full tab once in the morning,then partial approx 2 more times in the day.

The full tab seems to create the foundation and the small increments in the day seem to sit on it fine.I believe if i simply took three full tabs i would have negative effects,it would be too much,but this is something i have to find out myself from taking note on each dose.

I dont believe we can just slap tabs in our bodys,we vary in weight,sensativitiy,some of us might have health conditions,other drugs in use,etc etc make this idea of using the same tab for everyone kind odd.

I lost faith in docs,so i listen to my body as much as possable,and hope it tells me how to heal.

Anyway when all is said its simply another option of a drug,best of luck.




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