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Posted by tessellated on October 14, 2006, at 15:22:02

In reply to Re: WHICH MEDICINE IS LESS HABIT-FORMING? Racer, posted by yxibow on October 2, 2006, at 18:14:57

I don't find infrequent use of benzo's problematic except on memory. makes me very forgetful of where i put my keys etc. additionally, they've been around so long that we know they don't cause many probs xcept tolerance, and addiction. i'm very suspicious of the hype behind seroquel, as well as all the anti-psychotic/neuroleptics. they all have been shown to have long term/chronic affects on the brain.

i would prefer the minor discomfort from a tapered benzo, than a lasting parkinson like disorder.

If anything here discussed is used only rarely its probably not a problem regardless.

> > If you want to avoid habit forming meds, you might try a low dose of one of the newer antipsychotics. They are used a lot for that these days. Seroquel or Risperdal might be good, based on what I've read here.

even 25mg of seroquel knocks me out for over 14hrs and kills any motivation. ruins the next day. depression. a good option for psychosis, but i think way overhyped.

> I wouldn't go any more than "low" on Risperdal -- a regular dose of Risperdal isn't that much different in intensity than its analogue Haldol. Seroquel is mostly harmless at a low (50-100mg) level, the chance of TD is there but miniscule.

i would only use these as a last resort.

> > For what it's worth, if the label "anti-psychotic" bothers you, most of the tranquilizers/sedatives we give horses (and some that we give cats) are actually anti-psychotics. I know the name can be a bother, but the drugs themselves are useful even without psychosis. ;-)

probably because they cant tell us how they feel, and they are given mainly to stop bothering the owners ie barking, etc.

> Ketamine isn't an antipsychotic (horse tranquilizer, pediatric anaesthetic, and atrocious street drug K.) -- its in a class of dissociative anaesthetics and is a very nasty thing.

Ketamine has been used sucessfully as a non respiratory sedating anesthetic. Its an incredably safe med for killing pain due to it's dissassociative effects on the body. the reason it's rarely used on humans is to to its psychedelic effects that freak people out, but at low doses its been used as an alternative to even elderly patients as a pain killer. It absolutely has strong affects on body image, temporal, and perceptual awareness, and has been used with varied sucess for depression, addiction, PTSD, at high doses which appear to induce a near death like experience. The illicit street use is dangerous because it puts the user into a "k-hole", a profound psychedelic near comatose state, which is often unexpected and therefore dangerous.
Banning its use on animals is unfortunate, because there are few other alternatives which are as short acting and safe for minor surgeries. and the animals can't complain about the psychelic affect.
> -- Jay




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