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Re: Recent doc visit please read JOP

Posted by willyee on October 13, 2006, at 18:48:30

In reply to Re: Recent doc visit please read, posted by JOP on October 13, 2006, at 15:11:43

Thanks for wording that so great,its what i was trying to do.My mother while waiting for her when she was late told me to tell,i smiled and said,MA she could care less if i leave,she probuably wants to loose a few patients.

They know we need them,and as mad as i get,i have to take it cause i do.If it gets so confrontational that i walk out of a session,who looses?I do,i dont get my drugs i need,nothing happens to the doc,i just leave,I SPEND a month searching for a doc who is "taking paitents" and i pay for the initial visit,go through the million hurdles,and in a month or two,end up back where i was,in a 15 min session getting the same drugs.

It would take that long to get the doc,get in,and established before i could expect the doc to use any new treatments,so again i have to take it.

The incorrect dose part,ill even go half with her on that.I have quite a rap sheet,and keeping track of my changes can be a task im sure.

My last doc however used excel,which allowed her to never make a mistake like that,this one uses a giant paper pad,the kind u fold.

I cant blame her for not using a pc based data base,and i dont mind her getting confused,but dont call me a liar in so many words either,i dont need to abuse drugs,i know so many resources if i wanted to id have done so by now,if i say something give me some credit,if i dident have the bottle on me i would to have had made a call back,and in would have been a pain.

I know this is a very detailed post,or becomming,but i have to bet im not the only one having these kind of problems.

Last not to mention,she is a indian doc,which is fine,but i cant understand her,and her english is so bad,i really have to wonder how she gets a position to be helping me in such a way when we have trouble even understanding.

Her assistant is such a good man too,when i came out,i spoke to him,and asked him if i can call him at another time,his father was a doc and im gonna inquire with him if he can recomend someone else,again with me its the maoi issue as well,i have to make sure the doc i see will be ok with accepting a patient on a maoi.

Its so much to deal with,and its so untrue when its said that seekiing help is easy.The only way you get even reasonable treatment in decent time is getting admitted to a hospital,even then its not the best.

As for outsource treatment,seeking help is not a fast process,at all.

Oh and i forgot to mention,the doc also insulted me the always easy to say from a second view,"drugs arent gonna do it all" ok so you are in the field of managing drugs,now im wrong in believing these drugs are gonna play a major role in my recovery,wow,i bet you dont think that when you recieve your payment.

Im so sick of docters,and people assuming because im using these drugs that the idea of working on my life has escaped me.They are not there when my clothes have laid out ironed,and i showered shaved,only to end up with my face dug in my sofa.

They are not there when i let my brother push me into going out,and im standing in a club like a fool staring in one spot sick to my stomach.

They are not there when i dragged myself every morning,as many people do,out of the house,into the car and went to work.

And who makes these assesments,the very same people who tell you to take them,they will help you.I know im venting,im not upset actualy,but im just really frustrated,i think the whole industry is a sham,i really have lost faith the system of it.

If you dont agree thats fine,but i am becomming more and more anti psych everyday.Not on the drugs,but on the people around them.




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