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Recent doc visit please read

Posted by willyee on October 13, 2006, at 12:20:58

First i want to start out by saying upon re-starting nuerontion,and stopping my lyrcia short lived trial,i felt like a soothing relief when getting it back into my system.

Right now i have a parnate-klonopin-nuerontion system which has helped me a lot,im up functioning near 100 percent,and doing a lot better.

I still have severe problems but thats not where i wanna aim this post for the moment.

Today,only minutes ago i seen my p-doc.I brought my mother along to show her that im not lying when i tell her she is in a dream world about the help she believes exisits for me.

My appt was at 11.15 am,i arrived 5 minutes early to hear by the assitant who has been tremdonous help,tell me the actual doc isnt even in yet.

I sit and my mother right away is very upset,im just casual as can be as this is the normal.

We are called by the doc at ten min to 12,as she is literaly on her way in with her bag on her side.

She comes into the extravagant huge office,and first thing she chooses to do is go on about lyrcia,how she was right about me asking for it.

Upon being late,she chooses to start the session with my i suppose wrong doings,i bit my tongue until this was said...."and he wants to read to much about it"

I leaned in and asked her,i get 15 min with you,you are late,30 min late,you have stopped 3 times in this session to answer a audio activated pager,disrupting the session.

Am i supposed to rely on this as my sole treatment,and not read myself and do what i can.

She then ignored obviously the question and addresed the beeper issue,telling me she works for the hospital also.

It begain to become intensified now as i was already lite up,i am that type,when im lite i just go,keeping from getting lite is the tast i try to do.

So i tell her,even so,i never heard of a doc answering pages in the midle of a session,unless it was an emergency,you have answered that 3 times already,and you have answered your phone in previous meetings.

Skipping ahead as we all tried to argue without arguing here,she says well you have tried everything,you refused ect...

I said of course,i said that is not an option for me,at all,and i dont see why that is a problem.

My mother asks what is this,and i tell her a seizure induced state.

She cuts in,and we battle for who is speaking,and i ask her,yes or no,is it a induced siezure?

She slowly and unwantingly says yess.I say ok then,im not opting for that,i understand its done extremly different now,but its still what it is,and i do not wish to discuss it.

Im so upset rigt now i cant put into words the remainder of the meeting.Im wondering if i was wrong to question the beeper incident,as it got very personal at that point,but she was going on and on about me,when the clock was ticking,dont talk about yesterday,when im paying for today.

Id appreciate some questions so i can explain this more,as i dont know how to post the entire session,maybe some questions can help,but questions,views,opinins on how i handled it are all welcome.

I just asked her for a current scrupt of my normal meds,nothing else,and even there a problem arose.

I told her she had me on a certain dose of klonopin,she said i was wrong.Luckly i had the bottle on me,and she seen.What am i too do,i cant go on jumping docs,why are they all acting this way.It cant be me.

I stayed calm which im proud of,there was a hug at the end of the session between me and the doc,but the tension that was there,this cant be healthy or normal can it?

Would jumping ship to another doc be my anxiety,and should i understand this maybe happens and stay.Will she hold a grudge now?All these things are going on in my thoughts.

I really have been doing so much better too with the regimine i am using,this week ive accomplished so much,i dont know if its the other parnate kicking in,or what.




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