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Re: Euphoria inducing Med Combinations

Posted by willyee on June 11, 2006, at 21:59:34

In reply to Re: Euphoria inducing Med Combinations SLS, posted by linkadge on June 11, 2006, at 15:52:57

> Well, most people know that pleasure comes in gradients. You get a little bit, and you generally just want more.
> I don't know a whole lot about it, but I do know that it works to constantly reset itself. I know of a few mechanisms such as the fact that people who abuse DAT inhibitors generally have long term compensatory changes in DAT expression. Drug free cocaine users generally have much higher DAT expression for a long period after drug sobriety. The same can actually be said for mice raised on methylphenidate. Adaptational changes to receptor expression also happens within the neucleus accumbens. I know that repeated nicotine exposure generally changes levels of d3 receptors in the neucleus accumbens. I've also read about how when you take certain stimulants, there are compensatory increases in cholinergic mechanisms to try and counteract it. I read a study that suggested that mice raised on certain stimulants and antidepressants had compensatory changes in acetycholinsterase, that lasted long after drug discontinuation.
> I think it comes more down to glutamate release in the region than anything. A neurotransmitter may be responsible for intiating release, but you can only release so much at one point before the cells need to take breaks to recharge.
> On the frontpage of there is a lot of talk about how just about every drug we have in our collection falls short of the ability to produce perpetual euphoria.
> It is coded within our genes for us to think that we have the ability to find everlasting happiness. Thats what keeps us going. Though, it is also within our genes that we never find everlasting happiness, since that too keeps us going.
> Linkadge

With all do respect how can u be so sure that "normal" people,are a number of people dont contain a mood very close to a state of Euphoria,keeping in mind that a state of Euphoria doesent mean simply "high" rather some people are always upbeat and usualy in a better than "ok" mood and these people usualy are capbable of handling stressful events with some ease.

Also and although u kinds skimmed it,im speaking to a more generalized theory,one in which it seems that people,mainly depressed people shouldent seek Euphoria but rather just feel ok.

Now id love a feeling of any total consistency,but on the same note why should we feel guilty or wrong in wanting euphoria,its almost taboo.We get this general thinking that we are depressed cause were not supposed to feel good,these people who say this i believe are among those who simply cant understand what feels like,and personaly i believe if anyone did deserve to feel some Euphoria in life,then anyone who lived with a clinical emotional disorder should be some of the first in line.

I watch certain friends,and the time it takes them to become excited about something,when hearing simple good news u can see a form of euphoria rise in there eyes as they are hearing it,then u see a entire emotional reaction,they do not stay feeling good,they easly escalte with proper postive stimulation.

Me on the other hand,if im not feeling well,i might appreciate news and the such,but im in a pyhsical state and i simply cant feel how i believe i should,and from watching others closly i notice again in them its autmatic like saying ouch to the touch of a hot iron,the fact this feeling doesent process in me is just more evidence in my eyes that something simply isnt right.




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