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Posted by storm rider on April 14, 2006, at 22:40:40

In reply to Re:IMPORTANT storm rider, posted by SandyWeb on April 14, 2006, at 17:25:58

> Oh gosh, I know what you mean about not knowing how to turn the brain off at bedtime. I actually had to train my brain to accept the Seroquel because that didn't even want to work.
> It's funny that you mentioned Immovane. They would rather prescribe this because it's non-addictive......although more expensive to produce then the benzos. Anyways, it is just a piece of junk to me. Really! It does absolutely nothing. Not even the metal mouth everyone talks about.
> I even upped the dose real high (since I seem to need high doses, so why would it be any different with this med, right?). NOTHING!! I swear the pharmacists all play games with me and say....let's pretend to give her a sleeping pill, but really we'll just give her an aspirin. Pathetic. The pdoc I was seeing at the time practically called me a liar to my face, and that was the last time I saw her. Absolutely no affect whatsoever. Maybe if I downed the whole dang bottle??????
> My daughter, unfortunately, seems to have her mum's whacked-out body chemistry too, and she was having a hard time sleeping one I gave her one. Nothing. Gave her another one a little later. Nothing. Like mother, like daughter. But my son is the opposite. I almost feel sorry for her. She's probably going to be fighting with doctors all her life if she finds herself in need of medical attention. "Oh no, honey, we can't give you any more pain relief. You're at the max." Yeah, for the NORM!! Don't they remember from med school that a small amount of people don't get relief until OVER that dosage....the same as a small amount get relief UNDER that dosage??
> I would be so happy to have a pill that KEPT me asleep. I don't have problems falling's staying asleep. You never know when hubby might decide to come back and do a bit of strangling here and a bit of suffocating there and all the other love tokens he liked to bestow on me. So...I'm always listening. And bad news now.....Since March 26th.......we don't know where he is. He used to be 5000 miles away from us. Now....he got fired, he moved, and.....
> Well, anyways, yeah, sleep is a good thing. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight.
> Take care!
> Sandy

sometimes, around 1230 or so, I can fall asleep... that is not a problem...
but at two o'clock I wake up... and that is it for the night...
then somewhere between 0530 and 0700 I fall back to sleep... when the rest of the world is starting the day... if I take two of the immovane then I am able to sleep... as long as there are no noises...
no one closes a door on the street or starts a car or or or...

and as long as I have no thoughts running...
I have always been a night owl... do my best work at night, but there are times when I really would like to sleep...
just can't convince my brain that it wants to shut down, and then there is that fear of seizure business ... it does not help to be afraid to sleep because one has no control over what happens when one is asleep...
and of course I have my own set of fears, akin in a way to yours... although my threat is not my husband, he is one of the things in life that keeps me sane <s>

I have big dogs, one reason being that I love the breed, and love working with them, another being that they are a power breed and a protection breed...
they are here for a purpose...
and still I don't sleep...

so I do my research and work on shows -- and the program director for the radio network is ecstatic as the programs reach him weeks and weeks ahead of schedult LOL -- writing and producing them (today I am working on one that will run in July says she with a smug smirk plastered all over her face...
wherever I go, even to the tv studios, one or two of my dogs will be tight on my heels...

but the immovane is not addictive the way that other sleep med/tranquiliser is... and I still can't remember the name..

the directions are to take as needed...
one, two or three a night...

they do help.... although I still waken around two it is a little easier to go back to sleep...





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