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Re: Day 3 crabwalk

Posted by RobertDavid on April 10, 2006, at 15:37:09

In reply to Re: Day 3 RobertDavid, posted by crabwalk on April 10, 2006, at 15:00:33

> Robert,
> I realized you've been on klonopin a long time, but when your anxiety started, were there a lot of somatic effects (e.g. indigestion, lump in the throat, restlessness) to go with it? Or was it more of the worrying type of anxiety?
> I'd like to try emsam but i'm not sure if it would mix well with my particular type of anxiety, which is marked by somatic symptoms. I have downright severe and chronic insomnia (wake early and often), indigestion, inability to relax, can't take naps, lots of bodily tension, etc. If you have any thoughts on this as you learn about your own reactions, I'd appreciate it.
> Also, one last thing, if there is any positive effect on libido/pleasurable sensation, could you let us know? I haven't recovered these things since quitting prozac over a year ago. Thanks!

I've had Social and Generalized anxiety all my life. I had terrible social anxiety and at one point was practially house bound. Secondarily I had generalized anxiety, just plain hyper, edgy, restless. Lastly I was dysthimic, but I'm sure that had/has something to do with my anxiety disorters.

So to answer your first question, I had both physical and mental syptoms, fear, worry as well as inability to relax, be calm, etc. The klonopin did wonders for that, much more than any medicine I tried before. Nothing else I tried came close, but it hasn't been the total solution as mono therapy as I still was somewhat edgy and dysthimic (but klonopin did get me functional).

As to your second question sleep is and has always been an issue for me. I was concerned about it with EMSAM. So far I'm actually sleeping better than before, but I also am still taking klonopin and I've only been on EMSAM 3 nights, to soon to tell. One of the reasons I went to EMSAM is I've never tried an MAOI and know that they do help many people with anxiety disorters.

I wanted my first try to be with EMSAM because it was my understanding the side effects would be less than SSRI's, not to mention the elimination of food restrictions (20 mg dose). That MAOI's typically work good for those that don't respond well to other anti depressants. So far so good, but still, to early to conclude.

Lastly, libido was something I have not been willing to give up. When I tried paxil and certain other meds I couldn't have sex if my life depended on it, nor did I have any interest in it. But as mentioned in an earlier post that I was feeling "frisky" on EMSAM. I can't say that I'm "Mr. Horny", but there are no negative sexual side effects on it as of now. Before trying EMSAM I did read a study that suggested that libido did improve on EMSAM vs placebo. I'd say that's true for me to this point.

The question I hope I'll ultimately be pondering is if EMSAM will be the answer as mono therapy or if I'll need it as a combo with a benzo like klonopin for additional help with anxiety. Time will tell, but considering the miserable trials I've had on other medications, I'm getting optimistic. If nothing else, I haven't had any negative side effects to this point. That's amazing in of itself to me.




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