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I've had and dealt with sleep apnea

Posted by James K on January 3, 2006, at 21:48:00

In reply to Re: Benzo's need for stimulant - sleep apnea?, posted by zeugma on January 3, 2006, at 16:32:42

I've had a struggle with sleep apnea. The sleep study itself is interesting. You go to the clinic and put on your pjs then they stick electrodes on your head and chest, a tube by your nose and maybe some other things. Then you go to bed and try to sleep. I've had three done over the years. What can I say, I keep switching from one good insurance plan to another.

If you normally take something to sleep, they may try to tell you not to, but if you stay awake all night because it is so weird, you get no results. If obstructive apnea is found, they may wake you and test you on the cpap machine right in the middle of the night.

My dad is a really big man and he was diagnosed after me, uses the cpap machine and feels it totally changed and improved his life. I wan't overweight, and toss and turn so much that the machine wasn't an option for me. I chose surgery. I always chose surgery when I can. I'd rather deal with it once. Plus, I keep getting the good insurance.

First I had my deviated septum straightened and turbinates shortened - all part of the nose. That helped. Then I had my uvula and part of my throat and upper palate lasered away. That was a three parter, outpatient, great drugs, horrible recoveries. I thought I was fine for a while.

Then my life went to heck. I was living on booze, caffiene, adrenaline, and psych meds. I was sweating all day and acting aggressive crazy. I knew I was choking at night, so I went back for another sleep study. I was waking up 65 times an hour to restart breathing. This surgery was huge. Tonsils out, upper palate cut away and stitched. tongue pulled forward (it's huge) by slitting my throat to pull on tendon; and putting a screw in my chin, through my mouth to pull another tendon. I got infected in mouth and had to have clean out and re-sew.

Meanwhile, I was fired for something crazy I wrote to my insurance company (did I say I had good insurance?) and even though my surgeon wrote a letter explaining how sleep depravation can cause weirdness, I lost my appeal.

To sum up, sleep apnea can be serious. Any weight loss you can pull off helps. If you can tolerate the cpap machine it's probably a good idea. If you're like me and don't mind surgery and recovery, you can make it go away.

Im a-okay on that front currently.

also, there is another kind of sleep apnea that is brain related rather than structure. don't know much about that one.

I hope some of this is helpful. Plus I got to share my thrilling adventure.

James K




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