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Re: klonopin build up question

Posted by RobertDavid on November 15, 2005, at 22:44:10

In reply to Re: klonopin build up question, posted by Kon on November 15, 2005, at 18:16:19

I take 1.25mgs of klonopin at night. Recently after 10 years of being on klonopin I switched to another med because I suspected the klonopin was agrivating some depression, my moods, making me feel flat and without much zest for life. I got all the way off klonopin and all my previous social and generalized anxiety returned. I was so anxious I couldn't tell if my mood was better or not. The new medicine, Lyrica, didn't work for me at all. Typical of other meds I've tried.

In the past I tried to add several different anti depressants with klonopin, but I seem to be one of those treatment resistent people and all the anti depressants did was give me intolerable side affects (SSRI's, Effexor, Welbutrin, etc.).

Previously I was taking 2mgs klonopin at night. Now 1.25mgs seems to work just as good. My anxiety is 70% under check. I realize that I need this medicine. It works good. Perhaps I'm one of those that it depresses a bit, but my primary problem is anxiety and it works for that.

Both my doctor and I have always felt that I would benefit from an MAOI such as Nardil, especially with my social anxiety, but through the years I've always resisted taking it with it's side affects and food restrictions. My gut tells me an MAOI is the answer to "blend" with klonopin.

But before diving into another anti depressant or Nardil for that matter I have decided to hold out for the approval of EMSAM, the MAOI patch that appears to have a low side affect profile (compared to oral MAOI's) and without food restrictions at the 20mg dose.

After watching this med go through the FDA process for years it appears the final approval will come by the end of next week. If approved, it will probably be available within a few months and I will be first in line to try it. I've talked with Bristol Myers directly who verified this info. If approved, they want to fast track it to the public.

If that combo doesn't work out it's my plan to try klonopin & Nardil or klonopin & Remeron and so on until I find the right blend. I just know that klonopin works for my anxiety, better than anything I've tried. Before taking it I was house bound, after it I own a business and have a life.

I know how you feel about the possible affects it may have on depression/mood. I have always wondered if it was the klonopin or me. Unfortunately figuring this stuff out seems to be trial and error. And after trying to not take klonopin I know I'm sticking with it. It's half the answer for me.

I suppose I'd suggest you consider blending klonopin with an anti depressant as well (as you indicated klonopin did help your anxiety).

Lastly, as far as klonopin goes, I'd recommend paying the price and buying brand. My doctor is real savvy with these meds and does a lot of research for the drug companies. He says with klonopin, if you don't buy brand you can get a 20% variance in potency. Generics are mostly made out of the country.

That means from refil to refil the variance in dose could be 40%. This could have a huge impact in fluctuations in how you feel. Apearantly the fluctuatioin issue is much bigger with drugs that have a long half life like klonopin.

Anyway, I'm certainly not a doctor, this is just my take, but perhaps it's something to think about. Best of luck....




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