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Re: Maybe I am OK? med_empowered

Posted by alexandra_k on November 14, 2005, at 17:59:22

In reply to Maybe I am OK?, posted by med_empowered on November 13, 2005, at 23:14:56

sounds to me... like med_empowered is becomming self_empowered :-)

bravo. really. this is something... that i am recently coming to myself as well. that... the mental system has (in the final analysis) probably resulted in my being harmed more than being helped.

don't get me wrong - some clinician's really were very helpful to me. it is just that other clinician's... harmed me so very much.

i had been fighting for treatment for a while... a matter of years... and finally... i came to the place where i was starting to think... maybe... i was better off without them. and then... i was terminated anyway. was told that i function too highly to qualify for treatment. hmm. that set me back. i railed for a while. raged for a while. for giving me diagnoses with horrible predictions for my future etc. then cutting me loose to fend for myself. to try and come to grips with this... to try to recover from this by myself.

but... i think i really am better off by myself. i made up a mantra a while back...
i don't need them
i don't need them harming me anymore
i don't need their horrible predictions about the course my life is going to take
i don't need them running me down
i don't need them anymore

and i really do believe... (mostly... mostly) that i do not need them anymore. that they harmed me more than they helped me.

don't get me wrong, things are really very tough sometimes. i struggle. my mood goes way down... something feels like it snaps... but... i come out of it. i come out of it faster with a little help from my friends and i come out of it slower being locked up being told those negative messages those judgemental messages about my future etc.

i think...
everybody finds that life is tough sometimes.
i think...
that that is 'normal'.
i think...
that i probably struggle more than most.
but i think...
i am better off dealing with that with a little help from my friends
and i am better off not trying to deal with those judgemental bastards who just made me feel worse about myself and my life.

thats not to say that maybe sometime i'll need their help again...
maybe sometime i will get into a really bad place and not come right
and i'll need their medications or something.

but it is to say that...
in general...

i'm better off without them.

and maybe... you are coming to realise... that you are too.

there is nothing wrong with us except the point that we may well struggle sometimes and struggling can be horribly painful sometimes.

i reckon...
i'm okay.
and i'll bet...
that you are okay too





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