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Re: Remeron and Cortisol

Posted by Tenifer on October 20, 2005, at 15:18:12

In reply to Re: Remeron and Cortisol Pfinstegg, posted by Elroy on October 19, 2005, at 18:00:51

Hi Elroy,

I'm sorry I haven't posted until now. Like I said, I type all day and banging out posts is sort of the last thing I'm in a hurry to do. More seriously though, I've been steering clear of boards like these lately as reading all this stuff can really exacerbate my anxiety symptoms. I hope you understand brother. You've been on my mind alot though Elroy.

As for me, well, there are times when I think I'm improving and other times when I feel like I'm sliding down a muddy slope. I've discovered that acupuncture gives me some measure of relief. I've only been a few times but the effects seem to be lasting longer as I continue with treatment. I've just started taking Chinese Herbs to augment the acupuncture but the jury is out on those at present. Still, alot of the indications for this remedy sound like your symptoms. Have a read.

So as to the Remeron, what symptoms persisted during treatment? You said that "some have stayed as severe", could you elaborate on that? I know it resolved your insomnia but what about the anxiety and other symptoms you presented with?

I still haven't seen an Endo yet. I'm just scared of the allopathic medical community and their assembly-line approach to medicine. Their approach is to medicine what Henry Ford's assembly line was to the automotive industry: get as many patients through the door as fast as possible and collect the most digits. Its all about profits, not patients. What a shame. I can remember when doctors made house calls to visit us when we were kids: It was quality care, not quantity cared for. I know that insurance issues drive this approach today, but I still miss when doctors were physicians and not corporations. The bottom line is that I'm wary of being reduced to a 15 minute nameless insurance claim number. That approach is how I got into this whole mess to begin with. Enough of my rant. I'm sure that I'mm be setting an appointment with an Endo soo to have the UFC and nighttime levels checked. I will definitely keep you posted on that when it happens.

Here's something I can't understand: since they've discovered the tumor, why not have it removed? Is it a matter of insurance coverage? I gotta tell you, if it were me I would be more than a little bit interested in having it removed. To my mind, it doesn't take a genius to see that it is implicated. This is simple cause and effect. Here is something that shouldn't be in your body and something that has been proven to cause the exact symptoms you are experiencing in other people. Just because a test can't determine it is the cause is nothing more than a reflection on the limited effectiveness of the test.

I hope all goes well at the NIH Elroy. Seriously, you will be in my prayers. If it weren't for the loving grace of Jesus in sustaining me through all this, I wouldn't be here now. Lean on Him..He wont forsake you.

May God bless you Elroy and see you to a speedy recovery.
Please keep in touch...BTW, I have a feeling that the NIH will be recommending the removal of the tumor. :)





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