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Re: AD Insomnia: Xanax or Trazadone?????

Posted by James24 on August 30, 2005, at 23:39:29

In reply to Re: AD Insomnia: Xanax or Trazadone?????, posted by JohnL on January 17, 2001, at 2:47:17

I would say stay on the Xanax cause it will help you sleep way better than Remeron of Trazodone. The differnce between xanax and trazodone is Xanax is a Benzodiazapam and doctors dont like to give it out because it is addictive if abused and it has a street value in the illegal drug trade of between $1 and $5 per 1 o.5 mg tablet and thats why doctors are reluctant to prescribe them. Also you can develope a tolerance to them and youll eventually need more to help you sleep and to get the same origanal affect. They are supposed to be taken for a short term then tapper off them but ive been on xanax for 6 years now and I take 6 o.5 mg tablets a day now but in your case if you are only takeing it for sleep once a night there good I take mine for panic attacks and sleeping also another good way to help you sleep at night is gravol 50 mg tablets ive talked to doctors and they all said gravol is ok to take for sleeping I take my xanax and gravol and remeron together every night before bed.Trazodone is no good for sleeping at all as far as im concerned they never made me drowsey at all there supposed to be taken every night then after 2 weeks is when there supposed to help you sleep. So if your looking for a med that works and makes you drowsey soon as you take it then xanax is what you need and you can add nyQuil or gravol if you are haveing a harder time than usual falling asleep. As far as remeron goes It will make you drowsey but the side affects in some cases i have seen are bad things like leg spazums hot cold flashes even temorary insomnia but will help you sleep so if you want something non addictive or if you have an addictive personality then id go with remeron over Trazodone ant to avoid any uncomfortable side affects start your remeron at 15 mg vs the 30 mg doctors usually start you on. I started at 30 mg my first time and it made me really drowsey but the side affects were very uncomfortable so I stoped takeing them then 2 weeks later my doctor suggested I try again but a 15 mg and now they do the job. All in all I suggest staying on the Xanax cause it is a Benzo which is like a valume and any sleep aid other than Benzos and Hypnotics and tranqilizers wont come any where near the good affect bezos and hynotics and tranqs. Now that i think of it if you want medication for sleeping only ask your Doctor about a Hypnotic sleep aid drug called Immovane. Other good sleep aids are Adavan,Clonazapam,lorazapam,temazapam,Mogadine is a good strong one and Diazapam Which is basicly another name for Valume if doctor wont give you any of the meds i listed then stay on the xanax cause most doctors dont like to give the out not cause there harmfull which they are not but because they dont trust people with them due to so many drug addicts that doctor shop and they wanna protect their butt from the RCMP cause if they give out to many to to many people they can get in troble. Any way i hope i helped you out if you have any Questions let me know. Good Luck :) Jim




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