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Re: Keppra (levetiracetam) for bipolar disorder? theo

Posted by SLS on August 15, 2005, at 9:53:36

In reply to Re: Keppra (levetiracetam) for bipolar disorder? SLS, posted by theo on August 14, 2005, at 23:50:43

> My regular doc thinks I suffer from a low grade depression, my pdoc thinks I'm BPII. I basically suffer from chronic low self esteem, worry. So, whatever that falls under. I also used to drink quite a bit but am sober now 2 years, so alcoholism is in the mix also. I'm never manic, but my pdoc insists any anxiety that pops up is my mania.

He might be right. I know someone who remains mixed-state hypomanic without
medication for which an uncomfortable anxiety-like state causes her to pick up alcohol to self medicate. However, she also is very irritable and sometimes has racing thoughts and pressure of speech. She doesn't demonstrate these things except when challenged socially, so, one would never know she was hypomanic
otherwise. She sleeps 7-8 hours. One of the things that complicates her case is that I believe she also suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD).

> Who knows! I've almost given up on diagnosis and just trying different meds hoping to find a fit. My regular doc actually prescribed me Concerta 18mg, which my pdoc never would, and it caused no anxiety and was actually very helpful.

With bipolar disorder, some people display a paradoxical calming and anti-manic effect from stimulants.

> So, I've been med free just to get a feeling of where I am so when I do start a med, I'll have a better read.


> I do feel like I need to be on something, but my big dilema is to start with.

Have you ever tried Risperdal or Seroquel? Both drugs demonstrate antidepressant effects. Risperdal in particular can ameliorate OCD, and they of course will help address the hypomanic mixed-state that you might suffer from.

I wish I could get my crystal ball up and running again to help you out. I think the core processor crashed, and repair parts no longer exist. I will be very interested to know what you decide to do.

Right now, I am dosing Keppra twice a day 250mg b.i.d. Dosing twice or three times a day is not an issue with me. I restarted Lamictal at 75mg, but haven't decided what dosage to target. I might stay right here. I think too much sodium channel blockade can produce cognitive blunting and a mild reduction of motivation to initiate activities. This was my experience with Trileptal as well. I really don't know what dosage of Keppra my doctor had in mind to work up to. I'll find out more tomorrow when I see him. I also need to push him along to do the paperwork so that I can get a hold of mifepristone should Keppra not work out.

- Scott

> Keppra helped me be more assertive in a positive way and even helped with OCD. It also did have some mood lifting properties. And free of side effects except 1 or 2 days headache and muscle weakness.
> Since I've been off meds, amazingly I'm not as nervous and feel much more in control. Unfortunatly, I feel domb and gloom depression alot. So I was feeling anxiety from some of my past med trials, especially Lamictal which now looking back amplified my OCD very much.
> I'm really at a loss right now what class to go with but I might retry Keppra next and see what happens.
> Are you dosing twice daily?




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