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Re: Calling all UK people

Posted by xbunny on July 16, 2005, at 14:29:28

In reply to Calling all UK people, posted by Tom Twilight on July 16, 2005, at 11:03:50

> What can you do when your desperate in the UK?

I call up the CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) crisis team or my CPN. You might be able to get the number for your CMHT from your GP. If your out of hours try calling the GP out of hours number and see what the GP says. You also might try NHS direct though I wouldnt hold out on them being any help!

> My GP is sick of me, and I donít blame him

It doesnt really matter what he thinks of you or if hes tired of you, he is there to help you, screw him you're more important. Also are you sure he doesnt like you, many GP's are tired and terse kinda people who would like to spend as little time as possible with you. This isnt a reflection on you, its just how they are!

> The only NHS Pdoc I saw in Cambridge was really unhelpful, and is partly responsible for my GP disliking me.

Can you not see another GP at the same practice maybe?
I find that if I think the NHS psychiatrist is being unhelpful I tell him so and why and we try to resolve the problem. I remember I saw a new consultant quite recently and he laboured asking me about possible illegal drugs use and was quite sarcastic about it. I was quite offended and told him so, he appologized.

> I saw a private Pdoc who put me on Marplan Iím at 20mgs at the moment, I think this is much to low, I should have found one who would prescribe Nardil,
> Iím such a Idiot

You dont sound like an idiot, you seem to be trying hard to get yourself help but are having a hard time getting it.

> How does one get admitted to hospital in the UK, what does one do in an emergency?

One way is to present yourself at A&E. Usually there will be a on duty psychiatrist or at least a knowledgable dr (as far as I know all full doctors have to have done some psychiatry) who can assess you, if you can goto a hospital that has a psychiatric ward attached then all the better. Every time I have had to go A&E I have ended up seeing the same psychiatrist which has been really helpful, he even remembers me!

> PS. Is anyone in the UK recieving decent care?

I am receiving reasonably decent care though my needs have lessened alot in the last few years. I get an enhanced care plan from my local CMHT which means 3 - 6 monthly checkups with the psychiatrist, more if required. A CPN, read my message in the 'I have a question' thread for my opinions on CPN's. I got a CBT therapist for awhile, an anxiety management group therapy thing, a support worker who I didnt like but never mind, DLA and a careplan thing with all the contact numbers, emergency procedures and the like in it.
I have been in our local NHS acute psychiatric ward and find it to be ok (once I get out of course ;-) ). Before I got my careplan (before my first admission to hospital) my care was much more patchy unfortunately.





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