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I'm leaving babble for a while.....

Posted by Nickengland on July 3, 2005, at 6:21:28

Hello everyone...

I've decided I need to take a break for a while, or at least try to anyway.

When I first came here I was having quite a few problems with medications and over these past few months with the help of some very kind and supportive people..not forgetting very knowlegable! I think I've perhaps taken things as far as I can for the time being.

I feel like I've reached a cross roads, or the end of the road so to speak. My overall mental health is not too bad at the moment, the medications seem to be doing their thing and I don't feel I can put anymore energy into this area than I already have done from when I first started my treatment for Bipolar back in September last year.

I really don't think I can get things much better than they are at the moment..don't get me worng though, things are certainly not perfect but from my experience over the past few months they have been very, very worse than they are now. So perhaps this is as good as it gets? least for now anyway. Also I don't want to risk making things much better than this as I feel I could then enter the world of feeling too good (hypomania) and that wouldn't be a good step forward.

I would love to be able to stay here and continue to post like I have been, trying to offer support where I can to others and have in-depth discussions on some of the other boards and posted more on some of the other boards etc..

The thing is, outside of my life of getting my mental health right with medication...well this part of my life is non-existant so to speak. I have no job, social life, girl firend etc and its been this way for nearly a year. Now that I've over come the hurdle of finally (I really Hope) finding some medications that will prevent me from becoming ill again...I really need to focus on putting my energy into getting these parts of my life back. I need to re-learn what its like to be social, going out with friends - make friends and possibly even get a girl friend!...not all at once! LOL Obviously its going to take time.

I had 2 plans to go forward. One was to return to education, possibly working within mental health..mental health nursing infact.

The other plan was to go to Australia on a working holiday visa for a year or 2 to take some time out and find myself again..find the real me...and now the new me and take things from there.

I've decided i'm going to travel to Australia and take the time out to discover myself again. I've travelled before and lived in xxx, so i feel I have some experience of what its like to move to a foreign country by myself. I'm not worried in the slightest and actually relish the challenge and look forward greatly to what could await me out there. At 22 years old im extreamly lucky that my mum will help me with the money to finance this, bearing in mind they are not rich and I have cost them alot these past few years through my illness.

So this is a ~ see you later for now..although not a complete Adios. I need time-out to start planning things and working on other areas of my life...LOL..but that doesn't mean I won't be lurking now and then!...Hey knowing my luck my tablets will stop working next week and i'll be back anyway in afew days or something! :-0

I'm going to leave this link active for about a week..the picture is about a year old and although I look moody I was actually happy back then and in good health?! (albeit slightly hypomanic..but I felt good :-) )

Take care & I wish everyone all the best in getting their health as good as they can get :-)

As always very kind regards





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