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Re: Adderall pros and cons

Posted by geno on May 7, 2005, at 10:45:23

In reply to Re: Adderall pros and cons geno, posted by Maxime on April 28, 2005, at 16:32:02

OK, yes, I forgot to tell, my day is night and night is day due to work, but its only till 4am, so i do enjoy coming home and staying up till dawn. But this is when im online doing computer and reading choirs.
I make sure that in a 24 hr period , I dont take more than 3, and get a good 6-8 hr nap, but I was having that problem of staying up 24hrs, then crashing, say i woke up on a saturday morning at 11am, well, I often would not go to bed till sunday mid day, or once in a great while evening, but then im heading for deprevational problems. I guess over all My problem is the dosing, before bed which doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out not to take the last dose 6 hrs before, but I can fall alspeep if i wish on adderall, and or stay up., Ya funny , but It doesnt cause much anxiety because I taper any breakthrough anxiety with .5mg of klonopin, 2x daily. Iv tried no Klonopin, and did felt just enough of uncomfortable anxiety where i did prefer the Benzo. actually I titrated .25 .5 .75. trying all. Up to 1mg. I can get away with .25 but I get 2mg white Klonopin, and making .25 can be a bit adjitating, so I just break it in 4 and take .5 every 8hrs, and some days well less, usually . But I sure can tell If i miss the adderall dose. I go through a dip, Not a crash, minor depression, loss of interest in what im doing, then, comes the tired feeling, for about 2 hrs, then if i do fight it, ill get a second wind, this is what happned one time I wanted to see how long the level would peak and drop.
But I know every dose is never the same, no matter what you take, or how much you try to stay even, because of changing brain chemistry, but 95 percent of the time, I know its working, but dont feel it, which I dont have any quams about, but sometimes its nice to maybe boost it up., and taking natural supps helps the neurons heal.

Iv even taking Ritalin at low dose with it and boy mistake. TOO over bearing. Stratterra causes a dull headache , that went out. Caffeine was the only stimulant which worked ok with it, but the dopaminergic system is so complex and very hard to figure out what receptor does what, so i just try to understand the basics, But a question in mind, The adderall, or amphetamine , would actually release Dopamine from what receptor site d1-d5? I know the claudet Nucleus or acummbens and VTA deep in the limbic system is a factor but that where im lost.
I sustpected either d2 or d3 would play a part.

Mesolimbic dopamine system does have a vast complex understanding, and Im not a neurosceintist, and its hard to follow the lit.

Also, Norepinephrine is a factor, and Iv read where regions on NE, act as a minor reward type feeling, but nothing like dopamine, but the study sounds not to correct, but Stratterra is related o reboxetine, but 2 persons have tried both, stating reboxotine was alot better. One study says dopamine was effected and one denied , just stating the NE Postreceptor blockade LIke an SSRI of NE. OH well back to reality ! lol




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