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Re: SSRI INDUCED APATHY franco neuro

Posted by KaraS on March 27, 2005, at 2:14:12

In reply to Re: SSRI INDUCED APATHY, posted by franco neuro on March 26, 2005, at 19:39:59

> >What matters is that you get the meds and supplements geared towards YOUR Brain Map and profile.
> Amen to that. And I did finally get a CES device. I've only tried it a couple of times so it's a little early to say if it's worth the price. Edge Effect is definitely an interesting book. I thought the personality test was fairly accurate. I came up as a Gaba type too. It pretty much matched the results of the one I took in his office. Which was longer. As far as the deficiency test goes, lets just say there are probably very few people on the planet who could take that test and come up showing no deficiencies.
> I mean I don't want to knock the guy. He is very knowledgeable and is helping people. But the way the office is run can be very frustrating. They're always pushing a lot of very expensive tests. And don't expect to spend more than a couple of minutes with the guy.

Hopefully those very expensive tests will show him important information that will help him treat you. But obviously, there's no guarantee. If he helps you a lot, you will be less inclined to begrudge the cost of those tests. It's really too bad that you can't get much time with him. That must be very frustrating. He'd better be a very good diagnostician to make up for his lack of time and bedside manner.

> But I've pretty much given up on finding the "perfect doctor" who's going to cure me. That doctor may have existed but he retired last year. Dr. Jacob A. Goldstein. If there was ever a doctor who could have "fixed" me he was the one. Believe it or not my friend that's doing great on Lamictal went to see Dr. Goldstein 8 years ago. Before I knew him. He said Dr. Goldstein was truly a saint. He had absolutely no ego and was completely disinterested in the "business" side of medicine. Which is probably why he almost went broke. He also thought he was a little eccentric. But what do you think Dr. Goldstein gave him? You got it...Lamictal! Unfortunately, he was only able to spend a week in California. When he got back home to NJ he didn't stick with the med. And Lamictal is one of those meds. that often takes a couple of tough months before you start seeing an effect. He's kicking himself because of this now. But it's better late than never.

I didn't even know that Lamictal has been around for that long. I would be kicking myself a lot too if I lost 10 years I didn't need to lose. But better to accept it than to kick yourself and lose a few more years doing that. As far as Dr. J. Goldstein, I've heard wonderful things about him too, though mostly in a clinical sense. To hear about his devotion to his patients only adds to my respect for him. I got his earlier book (can't think of the name now) from the library. Most of it was over my head but it was obvious to me that he was an original thinker and had studied his subject matter extensively. I would really like to read his later book, "Tuning the Brain". (Hopefully I could understand it enough to get some use out of it.) My pdoc is also a very good and caring doctor. He helped me a lot by talking to me over the phone and then calling in prescriptions when I could no longer afford to see him. Unfortunately doctors like him are one in a million.

> Speaking of egos...was "His Holiness" Dr. Hoffman able to give you any useful advice? :-)

You're too funny!!! Yes, I thought he was very helpful. I felt bad about that whole misunderstanding between the two of you because I know that you didn't mean to include him in with the money grubbing doctors. I think that you have had bad experiences with those kinds of doctors and it's one of your pet peeves. I think he may very well be one of the dedicated non-money grubbers who is extra sensitive to being lumped in with the the other kind of doctors. People probably make assumptions about him all of the time and so he is reacts strongly if he feels accused of that. Anyway, I could see where this misunderstanding could easily occur here.





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