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Re: Zoloft/Sleep Deprivation/cigerettes/Panic diso loudandclear

Posted by Nixon on March 4, 2005, at 17:15:53

In reply to Zoloft/Sleep Deprivation/cigerettes/Panic disorder, posted by loudandclear on March 4, 2005, at 15:38:46

> Hello. First time poster. I have a few questions and concerns about occurances in my life, and am wondering if others experiece the same thing and or have any advice for me.
> A short history. I've been on different SSRIs for about 2.5 years. First Celexa / Lexapro / and now Zoloft. I currently take 75 MG of Zoloft a day. I dont drink or do any other drugs. I occassionally take Advin for Anxiety and or panic.
> It seems as of recent, If I loose a night of sleep, the next day I feel extremely self concious, and paranoid. I feel as if I'm in sort of a dream world or in the middle of an acid trip. What ends up happending, as the day goes on I become more paranoid. I begin to go into a state of anxiety and paranoia. At that pint Panic comes into play and I'm totally f-ed up. I usually have to take Adivan to control the panic. This is beginning to happen more frequently. It also seems to corrolate with the fact I'm dating a new girl. Last night she sleep over my place and before i fell asleep, I slipped into a panic attach ( not full blown) but pretty horrible. This is a new girl I'm dating and the fact the she is a sleep next to me and I in the corner having a panic attach is a lot for me to absorb.
> Another side not. 3 months ago I went down on zoloft from 75 to 50 MG. I got sick, but after a month felt ok. So I went down to 25MG. This was fine for aboyut a week, until i totally lost mmy mind and was so scared for my life, that i had to go back up to 50MG. That seemed to help, but after a week, and a really late night and no sleep, I lost it again. And had to go up to 75MG.
> If anyone has similar experiences, please write back. I'm not sure what to do. The zoloft is obviously not working so well anymore, and I really hate taking Adivan. (I dont want to have a nother drug in me). Can smoking cigerettes be messing me up as well?
> Thanks for you time everyone.


I doubt that cigarettes have anything to do with the symptoms you are describing. Having been in your place it may have something to do with your new relationship but in any case your questions about the meds are what matters. I took zoloft for about 5 years usually at 150mg per day. It helped with depression but without a mood stabilizer I found myself often agitated or excited often. I have been on every ssri there is. Sleep deprivation would elicit some of the feelings you described for me but they would not be as debilitating. It sounds like you are having daily panic attacks. I have had these before in a barber's chair, driving, at the dentist, home and in various places. 75mg zoloft is not a high dose but would be considered appropriate for panic. You are obviously stressed out so I can see why Ativan would be prescribed. It should help. Although you do not want to take any other meds you may want to try switching your ssri, maybe prozac, or upping your dose on zoloft. I found the solution was not an ssri for me but a mood stabilizer ie: Depakote, Lamictal etc... This helped with ups and downs that were leading to anxiety issues. I also found Remeron helpful for sleep and anxiety as well as depression. I am a 32 year old male you has been working at this for about 10 years. Anxiety is a difficult task to overcome but you do have options. The hardest part is the trial and error. One last thing, you could get short term withdrawal on Ativan which could exacerbate your anxiety. Good Luck. JN




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