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Re: How do I know IF I am a slow metabolizer? jasmineneroli

Posted by Larry Hoover on November 22, 2004, at 7:36:30

In reply to Re: How do I know IF I am a slow metabolizer? Larry Hoover, posted by jasmineneroli on November 22, 2004, at 0:30:19

> Thanks V. much for the info, Lar.
> Ha! it must've been a shock to come back to Babble and find all this waiting for you???
> Anyway, in regard to myself, I've had another
> a-ha moment. I discovered that the drug I had the stongest s/e reaction to (Moclobemide) is also a 2C19. That is the common denominator in my 3 worst drug reactions (all with the same symptoms). Now I know I can never take any drug that uses that enzyme in hepatic metabolism.

Here's the nitty-gritty on 2C19... The gene variants are designated as *X in the following quote: "*2 .. *8 : inactive (in up to 20% of Asians {*2 and *3}, 3% of Caucasians, 19% of African Americans, 8% of Africans, up to 71% of Pacific islanders )."

What that means is that there are a number of null genes for 2C19, ones that don't work at all, and they're quite common in certain populations.

> That is hugely helpful! I don't really care if I'm just a slow metabolizer or I simply don't have the enzyme present. I will avoid all 2C19 drugs!

If you want to take a look at a somewhat quirky but information-packed site, take a look at:

If you click on a drug name, it summarizes everything in one place. If you click on an enzyme, though, it gives you an amazingly detailed analysis of what is known about that enzyme. Just looking at 2D6 for example, it lists a couple of dozen different allelic variants (the different gene types for this enzyme), and their different activity levels. Pretty cool.

> I'm trying to search for info on tryptophan, but only find the hepatic enzyme named tryptophan pyrrolase, which is an enzyme specific to tryptophan and not part of the P450 clan! I will keep looking. I suspect P450 is not involved at all. The reason why I'm wondering about tryptophan is I've been feeling "unwell" lately and wonder, if this is culprit. Sleep and mood have improved, so I hope it's something else!

Something else, would be my guess. One way to look at tweaking a nutrient intake is to think of the body as something like a baby's mobile. You know those things with different objects hanging down on strings? move one piece, and they all move? I think we're a bit like that.

> Thanks for being you!!!!
> Jas

Awww, shucks. <grin>





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