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Re: Geno....Let's Brainstorm......(very long)

Posted by geno on October 20, 2004, at 8:58:40

In reply to Geno....Let's Brainstorm......(very long), posted by thug life on October 6, 2004, at 8:38:37

THug life and uztopian,
sorry i havent been online in a while, NO i didnt go to a rehab lol, no my computer was down for 1 week, then it took me another 4 to get it working and i just lost track of everthing.

Brainstorm> you mean like ok, i know what you mean, well, Ill start off, Im in no way thinking i know more than anyone on here. Plus somethings you or I may say, will get us in deep with DR. Bob and I dont want to do that. But Ill post some opinions. You seem to know you stuff, neuropharm and pscyhopharm is very complicated and you may think you know something and blam you read another thread and your confused.

JUst to tell you all, I switched to dexedrine, 15mg spanuals. I was very disappointed. They did nothing. But from what i read on another board from alot of people is a certain company makes the generic version and its like 1/2 as potent. Plus, I wasnt thinking of spanuals, that they only release 1.2 the dose every 4 hrs, so thats 7.5mg , opposed to adderall 30mg which i was used to. 1 week later, i called my doc, and he gladely put me back on adderall and added a dose. So im on 90mg of adderall, which due to the 4-6 hr time of activation, 3 get me through the day. Perfect, yet 30mg is like not even strong anymore, but the main purpose is it helping my add? Yes.
NOw im really reading into other methods. Such as detoxing the body and brain , esp the intestinal track, where there are many neurotransmitters also. Iv been cramped up and what not for 2-4 months now, and I must find the proper herbal supplement, which i used to use, to help this. Leaky gut will cause all sorts of problems..
Now i dont take more than 30mg at a time, or then abuse issued would be present. My pharmacist and doc both agreed and said there is not problem with 90mg, and "other people take those doses, esp ritalin.
As far as brain storming, Im sorta doing the natural brainstorming, I had enough of looking up drugs and such. Iv bought 3 books and there excellent, on natural methods for brain health, and 2 of them could not be any better. Well theydont talk much about nootropics, but thats another story.
What i can say is natural or herbal supplements do have pharmological properties, and I recently have been taking up to 10 supplements at a time. But there spread out, and each works a bit different that the other. BUt mainly, if someone has a problem with ADD and even medications, a total body cleansing and proper nutrition, no ice cream, which i love, will dramatically reduce symtoms of add and help medication work more efficiently.
Who knows , my receptors could be downgraded, or nerve cells may be not properly allowing neurotransmittion , leaky or bacterial intestional problems, or even liver/kidney dysp. But I dont think its liver, or Kindeys, more so too much sugar and need more water and some better quality combonations of vitamins. Its ahrd taking seperate vitamins and herbs.

As far as Adderall goes, i feel that the mixture of salts, work better for me, than dex. Plus top dose of dexedrine SR is 5mg, or 10mg dextrosat.
Everyone is different. If i posted before and mislead anyone about stating something, i didnt mean it as "the best way to do this or that or know it all, because unless you are a neuropsychiatrist, well, there is alot to learn.
Since i dont plan on being a doctor, Im emphasizing on supplements and opening up a store soon. Now if you think about it, I can name 20 herbs and 20 supplements which somehow effect the mind. So thats 40 supplements which I much rather learn, and there is quite alot, than learn about or should i say put all my time in pharmaceuticals.

Lastly, i do have a question, statement, on a few supplements. ST Johns wart, is claimed to be a multi neurotransmitter reuptake and a slight mayo. Well , if this is true, the fda should look into this to get studies on such, but because its a herb, probably will never see such. Have you heard the same?

L-tryptophan, vs 5htp, most studies show that 5Htp is one step closer, which it is to SE, and taking B-6 and Vitamin c will help cross the BBB. L-trypophan, never took it, but do hear it has its benefits.

Last, SAMe, which is too expensive, is said to synthesise Dopamine, Seratonin, Melatonin. But more soe at 800mg.

So, if you suffered from mod-severe depression. Have been taking SSRI''s for a few years, and decided to try this combo:

St Johns Wart 300mg 3x daily
Same 400-800mg split 2x daily
5HTP 50-100mg , at bedtime

Kava, or pheibut, both gabaergenic more so phenibut, is in my view looks better but i have to order it. SO there you have (if studys are right) a super combo hitting all neurotranmitters, except ach, and Opiate. Rhodiola Rosia, is a Herbal supp on the market now for a while, which has a slew of pro mind properties, esp serotonin and Endorphins. Ach, there must be 10 of the bat, but I would say Omega 3 fattty acids, DHA, DHEA, NADH, L-Theanine, Vitamin C and E, Gingco Biloba, Phosphitydlserine, Vinpocetine are top of the line neuroprotective yet have some N.T. properties.

Well I did the natural supplement brief run down, i probably could type all day but long posts dong jive with alot of people, but this info again is only my opinon and you can freely buy it over the counter, yet always tell you doctor, even if he doesnt know or read online any interactons. St johns wart, 5HTP can interact with higher dose of SSRIS. exp.





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