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Re: Rebound anxiety versus original disorder Buckeye Fan

Posted by olysi79 on September 2, 2004, at 14:41:26

In reply to Re: Rebound anxiety versus original disorder, posted by Buckeye Fan on September 2, 2004, at 7:48:21

I have to say that I agree with this... it is very true that mood disorders are often times discovered in times of high stress. The more stress one has, the more they react, and if there is a mood disorder hiding under the surface, often it's going to rear its ugly head the nand there... That's why people going on and off SSRIS face a higher risk of their mood disorders popping up in the intial period begining and after treatment in my opinion... there's chemical stress and if emotional stress compounds it, the mood disorder will show up stronger than ever. BP disorder is an example of this "chemical mischief" ... especially BP II... sometiems a person doesn't even realize they have it until stress brings them into an anxious/agitated mixed state, or antidepressants make them hypomanic periodically... not fun.

> Olysi wrote
> "Hi there. My thoughts are this... with mental illnesses, whether they be depression/anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc are that your body changes as you get older, hence so does the chemistry... things that may not have been as bad when you were young may now in fact be worse or better, it just depends on chemistry changes. Anxiety may be an ever present monster in life, but it's severity and frequency will depend on your life cricumstances and/or your chemistry... if the "brew" is just right, you will occasionally have severe problems. What can balance that out is knowledge and wisdom that you acrue as you get older that can help in treating your illnesses.
> Just my thoughts
> ************************************************
> Very good post.
> Sometimes we forget that with time and age comes changes in both our chemistry...AND our ability to handle Life.
> Looking back....I had subtle mental health issues during childhood,through the teenage years
> and now into adulthood.
> What's changed is my ability to handle it.
> I suspect this is often the case with others, depending on you put it..."the brew" being just right.
> Many disorders are "discovered" during or immediately following a time of great Life Stress
> that "triggers" a previously unrecognized problem.
> Perhaps just as vitamin supplimentation is advantagous as we it is with our chemistries and Medications.
> "Masking" is not meant as a derogatory term...I use it to illustrate the underlying problem isnt "solved" while on AD' is controlled
> by blunting the feeling of it.
> Now if something were to be invented that could
> allow our bodies and minds to produce the same chemicals as adults that we seemed to have had a children...that would indeed be the Fountain of Youth!
> So I guess the AD's do "right a wrong" in our chemistry, in a way. If only they could do it more naturally and augment our bodies inate ability to keep balanced.
> wishful thinking...I know




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