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Re: 80h ... still alive

Posted by Camille Dumont on July 21, 2004, at 10:04:35

In reply to Re: 80h ... still alive, posted by linkadge on July 21, 2004, at 9:30:51

"Statistics show that the stortest trip to getting better from depression is to take your medication."

It is not THE shortest trip it is MOST LIKELY the shortest trip ... this is what I mean whey I say that statistics are NOT certainties ... they are PROBABILITIES ... therefore, no matter how high the probability, it is never certain ... you could be the within hte 0.01% exception ... so although the "risk-neutral" and even "risk-averse" strategy would be to go with what the statistics tell you ... it is not the only way ... and by no means a foolproof strategy.

Agreed I'm sure some people will need the meds for the rest of their lives and if they are ok with it, than its great.

"If you have inherited this gene than it will be with you the rest of your life"

Here is an interesting and somewhat related question ... how much do our genes change over time ... I mean, I'm no expert but here is what I wonder about : say you were born from average weight parents but throughout adulthood and before having kids you overeat like heck and become obese, from what I understand you children will be more prone to obesity ... lifestyle aside, doesn't that mean that your genes modify themselves as time goes by? How maleable are they? (a good example of this were those cloned kittens who ended up a totally different color than the cat they were cloned from) Mabye a biologist on the board can asnwer that.

"Taking a pill takes all of 2 seconds."

True but thats not the only cost of the medication ... libido absence and potential liver damage and so on. Sure in most case those are insignificant when compare with say, suicide risks and such ... but it is not an inconsequential choice.

"What you really need to ask yourself is - am I a better person when I take this medication? Can I give more to the world when I feel my best ?"

Here we diverge ... being an economist I'm a total social fatalist in that I believe that humans are, at the core, selfish organisms because otherwise, they would not have survived. Altruism is,in my opinion, the way we disguise moral selfishness because at the base we do it because the love from others make us feel good ... not because we genuinely want to make others feel better ... I know I'll most likely get flamed for saying this ... but bear with me ... as I said I'm an economist ... we're a weird breed I think.

So anyway, the whole " am I a better person" and "what I give to the world" is rather beyond my considerations when it comes to my life. I live for my very own selfish little pleasure ... that doesn't mean I don't care about other peoples needs because if I infringe on theirs needs and liberties ... obviously ... the consequence will come back and smack me in the face, influencing my own well being.

I want do live if it feels good TO ME to do so. I want to live if I FEEL GOOD. Perhaps my need to get rid of the meds IS an illusion or delusion ... perhaps it is a figment of my demented mind ... but if it makes me feel better (perhaps in a slightly masochistic way ... given the withdrawal and SE) ... than who care? Does it really matter if what you base your happyness on is "true" or "real" or "the right reason"?

But this is more of a philosophical question I guess ...

As I write this, I must admit, the little paranoid side of myself wonders wether I'm still making sense ... am I slowly slipping into a sort of drug-withdrawal mania of sorts ... which would explain why your posts sound a bit "alien" to me. I'm not bipolar so I don't know what mania feels like ... but I do feel a bit strange. So if I sound totally bonkers, please feel free to say so, I might need the reality check.

Aside from that ... still alive. A bit dizzy but nothing too untolerable ... I'm managing to work at a decent pace. A funky side effect I've noticed : food cravings. Now I'm a total coffee addict ... well I woke up this morning with the utter total insanely strong urge to drink : salted V8?!?!?!? (veggie cocktail for those who don't know). I get these weird "salty stuff" cravings. I am or now I think "used to be" a sugar addict ... I could eat tons of sugary stuff ... in fact I sort of needed the rush. But now I find myself disgusted by it. I wake up and want to eat eggs rather than toast with jam ... I feel like eating spaghetti istead of cereal. Really strange.




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