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Re: NEURONTIN - sometimes ravenstorm

Posted by BarbaraCat on July 20, 2004, at 14:29:53

In reply to Re: NEURONTIN - sometimes, posted by ravenstorm on July 20, 2004, at 9:26:20

I believe it works very well for anxiety, but I am bipolar-II, if that makes any difference. What I mean is that, in being bipolar, I benefit from it's mood stabilizing properties, although non-BP's enjoy it's anti-anxiety benefits as well.

I have to take it 3 times a day, when I'm taking it. By that, I mean that I do not always take it, not like an antidepressant or my lithium or thyroid. I take it when I'm going through an anxious time. It works very well. It does not cause any side effects that I'm aware of, certainly not gastointestinal side effects.

There are times when I take it that I get a lovely blissful feeling of calm and serenity that lasts a few hours. It is perfect, and is a good reference to remind me that I can someday achieve this feeling on my own. Sometimes I sleep and wake up in a state of relaxed serenity.

When I have the time and really need a few days to chill, I'll take 3 caps (900mg) three or four times a day. It sedates me enough to sleep if I want to, or just hunker down somewhere and let the anxiety float away. If I take less, it chills me a bit, enough to get on with my tasks, drive, whatever. It's a different sort of feeling than, say, a benzo. But you do have to 'refresh' if frequently throughout the day. I haven't found this to be a problem at all. I just carry a little bottle in my purse.

But sometimes it does very little, no matter how much I take. Those times I usually combine it with a benzo or oxycontin and it then kicks in a little more. On days when I'm really hurting from fibro or really wound up, Neurontin isn't enough on it's own. Nothing is enough and that's why things hurt so much. But it does lend help, along with other meds, in it's own way.

That's where I'm at right now, Raven. I'm having a fibro flare (it's good for neurpathic pain). I'm fighting a lurking depression and I though Oh hell, I need a break from life. Neurontin has come to the rescue again. I've had to spend the past 4 days in bed and the St. John's Wort and Neurontin have allowed me to just rest and not beat myself up over it. I can just float away when I need to, thanks to Neurontin. I trust this drug. It has one of the most benign side effect profiles. I've taken ALOT at times and have suffered no ill effects.

You can also take it on a regular basis as an ongoing antianxiety med. It's indicated in this way for bipolar because it's actually an anticonvulsant, a mood stabilizer. You can go pretty high with it, like 12-15 caps a days. But tolerance will develop if you take high amounts consistently. That's why I use it when and if I need it and always take a break.

If you're on an antidepressant, you would do well to consider a mood stabilizer. That's the going trend. As discussed above, Neurtontin is a mood stabilizer with antianxiety properties. I'd take it over Lamictal any day (which I had. Make me anxious and I got the rash).

You might consider low dose lithium. It acts as a very effective AD augmentor and a calming agent. Whether or not you have BP disorder, you might benefit from lithium's many good effects. For those for whom Neuronton works, it works well. I wish you heartfelt luck. - BarbaraCat

> I am also curious about neurontin. I am currently trying to get on Wellbutrin and hoping to drop remeron if I am successful with it. However, I don't know if I'll be able to handle the WB alone if it causes an increase of anxiety. (Remeron totally vanquished my incredibly severe anxiety--but it hasn't done much for my depression). So far the Wellbutrin seems to make me more tired, so that hasn't been a big concern.
> Anyway, I have heard you can take neurontin for anxiety, and if I have to I would prefer to add that rather than an SSRI. I don't ever want to take an SSRI again after what I went through with paxil.
> Does neurontin work well for anxiety? Do you have to take it three times a day? What are its major side effects? (I have a weak stomach, so stomach upset and nausea are what I worry about the most!)




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