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Re: I don't know how to handle this mair

Posted by Larry Hoover on July 19, 2004, at 10:13:45

In reply to I don't know how to handle this, posted by mair on July 18, 2004, at 21:46:36

> Please bear with me - I need some advice.
> Last night I went to take my usual bedtime cocktail (WB, Amiltriptyline and klonopin) and I noticed that a whole bottle of klonopin had disappeared. The prescription was about 2 weeks old I think and there were probably 20-25 pills, I'm guessing. I had it the night before. I turned my bathroom upside down, and although I can't ever recall taking it out of my bathroom, I searched pretty hard in my adjacent bedroom and in my handbag. There are only 3 alternatives I can see, and they all stink. Either I'm more forgetful and addled than even I think I am in the worst of times, or someone in my house took them (I have spouse, 2 teenagers and a couple of houseguests) or someone walked into my perpetually unlocked house while we were all at the movies and took them.

If you're going to have to see a doctor to get more klonopin, I would tell him/her exactly what you just did here. I would think that if you do not have a history of such unexplained events, there shouldn't be any problem. You'll likely have to pay for them, though.

As to point one, above, your search and the nature of habit itself would tend to rule out your own behaviour as a cause for the disappearance.

As to point two, I know people who absolutely 100% of the time go through other people's medicine cabinets. I also know that young people today are rather pharmacologically aware. You can't do much about the houseguest issue (other than not leaving meds in such a place; you shouldn't anyway, due to the heat and humidity generated from bathing). But the kids deserve a family meeting. Not accusatory. A talk about prescription meds, risks therefrom, and the danger created by yours going missing. Who knows, one of the kids might just "find" them, lying around.

As to point three, I think the answer is obvious, although locked doors only keep honest people out. At least a broken lock means your insurance will be valid. Without that evidence, you're self-insured. It would also be remarkable that a thief would only have stolen your klonopin.

> This is distressing in the extreme, and I sort of think I may never know what happened unless I happen to trip over them some day. However, selfishly my most immediate problem is how to replace them. I take very little klonopin but it's frequently pretty essential if I want to sleep.
> This prescription was so new, I'm a ways off from a refill. I'm assuming my insurance won't cover more since I shouldn't have run out. I can quite figure out what to tell my pdoc, and I can't imagine what she's going to think - is she likely to refill this when I have no adequate explanation as to what happened to them?

If you give the doctor some assurances that you will take steps to protect your drugs from disappearing, I would imagine you'll have no trouble getting them replaced. Maybe your insurance even covers such incidents, if they are rare.

> Any advice as to how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.
> mair

I'm sorry you're having to face these issues of trust and faith.





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