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To Kelly: re: thyroid, Prozac, Celexa

Posted by Caper on June 15, 2004, at 0:20:06

In reply to Re: What is your experience with Prozac??, posted by Maxime on June 14, 2004, at 8:10:09

Hi Kelly,

First, I have to agree with Maxime- if your thyroid function hasn't been tested, or hasn't been tested recently, it is definitely something that should be done. Hypothyroidism isn't just something that happens to the elderly, like some people mistakenly think. I was in my mid twenties when mine was diagnosed. It is not by any means a cure-all for most of us, but having my thyroid hormone dosage at the right level definitely helps my mood problems very much. Plus it is important for your over-all physical health.

On to the Prozac thing: my experience was very positive for a long time. Started out at 20mg right away with no more than 2 or 3 days of mild side effects (stomach upset). I noticed its initial effects after about a week. It was very subtle at first though. For example: there were things that used to just absolutely enrage me at work that suddenly had me enraged for about a second or two, but then I literally and figuratively just shrugged my shoulders and thought "whatever, not worth getting upset over, I can just let it go." It was great not to feel so hostile all the time.

After that, when it really kicked in, it did help quite a bit and I had some really productive years. Unfortunately, it eventually lost its effectiveness. So I had wellbutrin added to it, and that combo probably helped the most anything ever had. But then I got a new doctor who took me off wellbutrin because of my past history of anorexia/bulimia (because that increases the risk of seizures).

So there's my story re: Prozac. It helped at first but then just didn't seem to work anymore. Although my Mom takes it, has been doing so for years, and she's still doing great on it.

I'm surprised you were started at 10mg Prozac instead of the standard 20mg when the side effects are, compared to many other meds, relatively mild. You could give the 20mg dose another week or two to see if you're just one of those who needs the full 4-6 weeks to benefit from Prozac. But....

my advice would be: if Celexa worked best in the past, go back to it OR go to it's newest version: Lexapro. Lexapro (from what I've been told) is like a refined version of Celexa....they took out the part of Celexa that wasn't doing anything anyway, so Lexapro is really just Celexa but without the isomer that was pretty much inert anyway. There are lots of posts here that deal with Lexapro and lots of people seem to have been really helped by it.

My own personal experience with Lexapro wasn't a succes. It just didn't seem to do anything for me-- but by the time I started taking it, (last December) I was an alcoholic and had been for about a year, so that could have been why. (And to be honest with myself, I'm pretty sure nothing will work the way it should until I kick the alcoholism.)

Other points: 1) Are you sure you are unipolar depressive and not bipolar (either Bipolar I or II). Because if you are you may need some type of mood stabilizer in addition to antidressants. 2) Are you receiving any therapy besides meds? Are you seeing someone with whom you can talk things over?

My opinion on the marriage thing is just that- an opinion, of course- but for what it's worth....fairly early in their marriage, one of my parents suffered an extreme bout of depression and during this episode actually filed for divorce. But the depression eventually subsided, there was no divorce and today, approximately 30 years later, not only are they still married but they are still _very_ much in love. This may or may not apply to you, but in case it does I just wanted to share the story so you know that you're not alone. Depression can make you think some things you never thought you'd think, so it very well could be the depression or its combination with Prozac that's making you have these doubts which are disturbing you. Just a possibility.

I hope something somewhere in this message helps a little.

Best wishes,


> Hi I had success with prozac at 80 mg. I always need a higher dosage of meds because I seem to metabolism them rather quickly. If you don't see improvement after reaching 60 mg, then it's probably not the med for you or it need to be augemented with something.
> Have you ever augmented an antidepressant with Cytomel? It's a thyroid med that is often used to augment anti-depressants.
> On that note, have you had your thyroid tested? You should make sure you are not suffereing from hypothyroidism.
> MAxime
> > Hi everyone,
> > It's been a while since I have written...I'd really love some feedback on your experiences with Prozac...I started on 10mg and was eventually bumped up to 20mg after a total breakdown. I have major depression with generalized anxiety disorder. I've been on it at 20mg now for about a month and in total on over two months on Prozac and this just isn't helping me at all. The past two days have been okay, but last week I was convinced I was losing my mind...I have tried Celexa, Zoloft, Effexor, and Wellbutrin and I THINK Celexa was the best for me...the ONLY reason I have tried so many of them was in hope I'd find something that didn't have the sexual side effects. I have hit a point now though, that my health is most important and that the sex drive and sex life is just going to have to wait. I am still struggling with my worst bout of depression right now and have an appointment with my psychaitrist on Tuesday to switch my meds back to Celexa(it really worked well in the past, as I mentioned above)...
> > So my question is, what is your experience with Prozac...did you have any really bad reactions to it? Like, I have been married for ALMOST a year and I have had myself convinced for two months that I am with the wrong person...and he is soooooo good to me...yes, our relationship isn't perfect just like all other relationships, but not to the point where I should be thinking I shouldn't be with him...I have had this inner conflict in me for about 2 months of total confusion as to where and why I am having these thoughts...
> > I'd love any responses...
> > Kelly7707




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