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Re: a little off topic

Posted by linkadge on May 27, 2004, at 21:07:57

In reply to a little off topic linkadge, posted by zeugma on May 27, 2004, at 19:57:19

These are good questions as very interesting to me infact. Pure SSRI's like citalopram make my personality transperant, they kind of make me seem as if mood does not exist. The SNRI's make me feel a little more present.

The SSRI's make me feel like I exist only inside my head, and the SNRI's make me feel more in my body, (if I was a parapalegic - I would much rather be on an SSRI's, as you wouldn't miss too much of your body).

SSRI's definately make things seem more real, which almost makes me a little scared about death, and illness, the sence of time is dramatically enhanced while on SNRI's for me.
You feel your life has a bit more depth and meaning, but they also make me more fearful religiously. On SNRI's I feel I need to have things straight with god, but on SSRI's I feel more reliously liberated, in terms of poetry I would say an SNRI's is definately a better choice, I was much more poetic on effexor than on celexa.

I am majoring in mathematics at university here in canada, and have been trying to find a mood med that won't hurt my cognition. The noradrenic antidepressants make you very tuned into what is real and physical. THey tend to make me more obsessive. I *need* to fully understand each and every problem. You *need* to see the solution from start to finish. On effexor I had a very hard time letting things go on 'just a hunch'

On celexa, I was much dummer at the mechanical aspects of mathematics *BUT* *much* more intuitive. The 5ht2a,c activation (similar to LSD) lets you totally pull out of the problem, and see the whole picture. When you see the whole picture, you are much less obsessive about the individual parts. SSRI's make me feel '"confident about my hunches"', and hence I can more easily let it go at intuition.

If its grunt work, choose an SNRI, or augement with a dopimanerigic, but if it is absract stuff that you are only kind of supposed to understand than choose an SSRI.

If you want depth to your emotion, then I would recomend Effexor with periactin which blocks the 5-ht2a/ 2c receptors and will allow you to obsess about things.

It really depends where you are in your situation, do you need to see the forest? or the trees ?





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