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Re: I CANT CALM DOWN....... help plse..

Posted by crazychickuk on May 26, 2004, at 13:19:39

In reply to Re: I CANT CALM DOWN....... help plse.. crazychickuk, posted by sac on May 26, 2004, at 11:34:30

Here in the uk we just have gp's dont have p docs... next up from the doc for mental health is a physiciatrist i seen her 2 yrs ago she diagnosed me with anxiety then i had to wait another yr to see her and she diagnosed me with anxiety again, and have signed me off over to a voluntry thing called mind.. i been fine today... so does this sound like bp then? i am not sure doctor AND the physciatrist told me o no you dont have bp..every single ssri i have been given have sent me manic and my hrt racing BIT TIME and snri's did the same like effexor buprion (wellburtin) fluenxol, reboxatine, all sent me manic, i mean my hrt was over 90 beats per minute all day yesterday i was taking it every hr or so, i didnt care though that was just the thing now today i am worrying, hence the panick... wats with the manic states worse round people and on the fone and shopping and the racing hrt beat the trembling of my bottom lip i felt as if i was on speed (amphetamine) was of the head i couldnt beleive it, and i didnt feel or look like myself either.. was as if i was looking at me or being someone else was strange, today i been calm the weirdest thing is though that i can slowely feel myself falling into a depression state, like today i woke up with palpitaions, i had to take my daughter to school then i went to town to post some parcels off then i had to pay my bills, then when i was queing i felt all weird and my hrt was jumping out of my chest anyways i got through it and i walked up the road to the supermarket to buy some stuff i needed then i came home, i could feel the middle of my chest burning, BUT i knew it was anxiety and i wernt gonna let it get to me today o no was i heck as like...

I aint stressed at all, AND i can feel myself slipping cus this past week i been on a high since i told my mum i cant go abroad with her, i just cant do it so instead she is taking just my daughter which would be a great break for me for the week, i can get on and do some stuff i feel great, this week i been on a high and i was panicky today and i know i will be a little panicky tommorrow even though i will try and fight it, just sit out in my garden in the sun and just relax.. and let it pass HOPEFULLY just those phyisical symptoms that gets me... I have had an ecg is it where they put these things on your head and it tells if there is anything wrong with the brain, and i also had an ekg is it where they put the monitor on your heart all came back normal, ahhhh ..anyways thankyou for listening any advice would be much appreciated.. and can someone plse tell me what i got? if you know?

p.s..... 30 remeron (over a yr now)
40mg inderal (never taken it to scared to)
2mg of valium i take about 6mg as needed (not that much help)





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