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Re: Provigil low dosing Racer

Posted by psychosage on May 26, 2004, at 6:52:03

In reply to Re: Thanks, and... (esp Emme) Emme, posted by Racer on May 25, 2004, at 8:52:48

> I was on Provigil for a few months, before quitting all meds in disgust (long story), and the speediness just never eased. When I quit the Provigil, thinking that the antidepressants were kicking in and I didn't need the 'augmentation' it turned out that the only thing that was doing much was the Provigil. I did try taking it every other day, but then I was on a rollercoaster: way too speedy one day, then a total crash the next. That was at 50 mgs, roughly, or 1/4 of a 200mg tablet. In other words, for me at least, the speediness didn't go away with time.
> Thank you for your experience. This seems to be the only thing that's helped me in the past year, so I'm hoping the doctor will give it a go and find something to work with it on the agitation and anxiety, rather than insisting on following through with his last decision which just ain't gonna happen. (Long story) If 25mg would keep the best of it, without the worst of it, that would satisfy me.
> Part of the problem is that the doctor thinks I"m unreasonable about side effects. Sure, for a psychiatric patient to present the way I am now -- speeding out of my head, pressured speech, I'm even typing faster -- a psychiatrist can say, "well, it's just the drugs..." But in Real Life, I can't function like this. Aside from my own discomfort, I wouldn't be able to do anything that involved human or animal contact! While I'm likely to try the 1/8 tablet before going in to see him, I think I may take the full 100mg he had me taking on the day I see him -- just so he can get an idea of what I was complaining about. It's not a little discomfort because I'm stimulated, it's being HIGH AS A BLOODY KITE! I hope that seeing this, without the effects of the other drugs, he might understand that.
> And, while this is the first time in months I've felt anything like myself, this is the Technicolor version of me if you know what I mean. I'm kinda joking about telling you EVERYTHING, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, but it's only a slight exaggeration. I can talk a lot anyway, and my mind goes in funny directions, but this is really absurd.
> Thanks again.

all of that goes away, euphoria, pressured speech, the need for locomotor activity. Everything mellows out. If not in a month then two, but I promise it does, along with any nausea or dizziness/headache.

I had all the same symptoms even while on 1200mg of Trileptal.

Provigil is powerful, and I think the overwhelming stimulant effects and mood brightening do warrant more concern because they can seem like they only exist in hyperdrive. Fortunately, they don't last. The true and more modest theraputic effects will remain, and your appetite and decreased sleep {i experienced this} will go away too.

1) start at 25mg a day with an added OPTIONAL 25 at 4-8 hours later for two weeks

2) then try 25mg/25mg{4-8 hours later} and if you like to be bold do all 50mg at once for 2 months or stick at 50mg if the results remain optimal.

3) From here {depending on your med cocktail} you can stay at 50mg or do a 50/25 or just start out at 75mg for a couple of months until more effect is needed.

4)Then from there you can do a 75/25, 50/50 or be bold and just take the full 100mg which have tried, and I have been pleased with it. You can take 25mg bonus pieces at night if needed.

I think a regular low dose of 25-75mg makes for excellent antidepressant benefit though it may end up being short-lived for some.

Provigil is supposed to have some neuroprotective properties too for dopamine receptors.




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