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Re: Question(s) about your Parnate experience cybercafe

Posted by Questionmark on May 25, 2004, at 7:50:25

In reply to Re: Question(s) about your Parnate experience, posted by cybercafe on May 25, 2004, at 2:04:22

> > > i think parnate worked immediately (stimulant properties) but then gave out after 1 month... then took 2 more months before the AD effect really kicked in ... and even then i had to push myself to do things... but when i finally did push myself, it worked like nothing else ever has .... so i'd say in my experience MAOIs take longer to work ....
> >
> > i was on Parnate for about 2 or 3 months last year, and the appetite suppression (which i did not want), excessive anxiety, and hORRibly over-
> yeah my anxiety is still bad, but was worse on SSRIs or no meds... i think parnate did wonders for my anxiety, but it's still not perfect... strangely enough, cute girls scare me little but being in a room with friends kind of intimidates me ...
> >emotional state of mind (which made me even >MORE depressed) never went away. However, i >think it
> yeah... well i feel pretty good.. i might take a small amount of klonazepam (okay maybe a big amount) if i feel over emotional.. but i still know i need major therapy if i want to do something major stressful like go into med school
> >was slightly helpful for maybe the first week-- some stimulant-like mood-lifting properties without the comedown (although the aforementioned negative effects were still present). But/so i was wondering if you think that i might have had a positive experience with it eventually if i had waited like an extra month or so before quitting it. Also, what do
> yeah if you are like me, which you may or may not be... when i stated this hypothesis to my doctor, he agreed like very matter-of-factly ...
> i mean i have heard of other people who hadn't had the full anti-anxiety effects of parnate or nardil until after the 3rd month, so that's what made me stick with it... also i think my doc suggested i wait that long.... about 12 weeks first time around, 16 weeks second... BUT it never really "kicked in"... i sort of was taking it, feeling 60% better, then decided to push myself and socialize and felt 90% better... i have never experienced this benefit from pushing myself to socialize or do other fun things when i took SSRIs/SNRIs ...
> >you mean exactly when you say that it "gave out >after 1 month"? How did it give out? What were the feelings and effects like? And, if you
> dude i seriously don't remember... just depression coming back is all i can remember in general.. not feeling that sort of buzz or high or whatever it was when i first took it... i think i felt a bit manic when i first took it or i somehow knew it was working too fast so i wasn't too surprised when the effects waned a bit... and then waned a lot! .. but i hung in there, and eventually the AD effects finally kicked in, with time, and putting in the effort to get my life in order.......... i don't think you can ever get over depression without having a good environment ... at least not 100%, not me personally....
> >don't mind, what were the feelings and effects like while it was benefitting you (or what *are* they like if you're still on it)? Thanks alot.
> gee... what's it like to be depressed? i don't really remember...
> i guess i just enjoy things... i get pleasure from things... i never used to feel the same pleasure when i was depressed... it also makes me want to do things (though abilify is probably even better for this)... have ambition... think about the future and all the things i can do...
> okay biggest difference i can mention between depression and taking ADs in general (SSRIs) is...
> depressed i wake up, no thoughts in head of anything i'd like/need to do, wonder why i'm awake, go back to sleep
> on ADs, i wake up, have thoughts of all these things that are important or fun or whatever, just trigger emotions, and i jump out of bed and get on with them... like serotonin is like a pressure in my head to do things (not even the extreme mania form, just the normal normal dude form) ... without it, it's like there's no force pushing you to do anything, so you just sit there and do nothing and then feel bored and depressed... and if you FORCE yourself to do things, you depression may go away, but you may also not have the pressure feeling thingy to enable you to keep that up ...
> it's actually really hard to say right now, i think i would be somewhat hypomanic or cycling but the tiny dose of abilify helps me from going too high
> all the information is out there if you want to do a
> cybercafe parnate
> maybe it's also like parnate blocks out feelings... feelings of guilt, sadness etc... and replaces them with feelings of.... interest? purpose? confidence?
> sorry i can't be more helpful.... but that's why i write everything online.... so if ever i want to go back to see how i used to feel... i can just search dr. bob's site! :)
> god i remember before parnate kicked in i was reading posts i had written telling people every problem was solvable, how life was wonderful, how i could fix them up no problem, how everything was so easy .... and i would do all this work, like dig out documents for people, etc etc and i thought "wow... i was so positive and motivated when that drug was working last time... i wish my doc had never taken me off it.... everyday is painful for me now... i am lucky just to make it through the waiting period" ... so that was a big revelation for me... without parnate i seem lethargic and i don't want to do anythingl... with parnate i am enthusiastic and want to get things done... !!! whatever it takes!! \
> hope that helps... feel free to ask for clarification/more questions... on parnate i feel like i can tackle anything.. and like i'm really making a difference... :)

That's really interesting stuff. Thanks for the in depth response.
i think Parnate probably affects me different than you. For instance, when i was on it my feelings of guilt, sadness, regret, etc. were compounded tremendously. Now maybe i wasn't on it long enough, and i do especially wonder now if it may have had more anxiolytic effects if i had stayed on it longer. But i don't think so, unfortunately. Like i never experienced a 60% improvement at all. i'm pretty sure i felt worse overall. i did love how much more intelligent and articulate it made me though.
Also, i have Obsessive Compulsive *Personality*, which is a real pain in the ***. You might not know much about it (overfocusing, extreme perfectionism and black & white thinking/behavior, taking horrendously absurd lengths of time to do ANything, indecisiveness, procrastination, etc.), but the Parnate made that (or the associated problems) much worse-- and they're far too bad already. i guess that's a big difference that i would have with alot of people and not just you, in respect to Parnate. But-- if by some highly unlikely chance that you would be able to know this or have an informed opinion on this, and that there is actually any chance that the answer to this question would be positive-- do you think that if i took Parnate longer (say 12 weeks or so) it might have beneficial effects, or at least negligible effects, on my OCP problems?
Okay that's just a stupid question because 1) i seriously doubt you would have any idea and 2) Parnate has such strong catecholaminergic effects that the aggravation of my OCP symptoms makes perfect sense and it would be highly unlikely that they would diminish that much. But i thought i'd be naive and ask anyway.
Also, how often do you take Klonopin while you're on Parnate? i had thought that the combination of the two would be a good one.
Thanks again.




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