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Re: Please help- I am stuck - Thank you

Posted by Jeffrey on May 23, 2004, at 16:39:28

In reply to Re: Please help- I am stuck - Thank you, posted by katalina on May 23, 2004, at 12:03:35

> > > I haven't read the other posts yet, but wanted to get this out to you since I understand your anxiety (albeit senseless - no offense meant).
> > >
> > > I took prozac the first two months of both of my pregnancies and had an MRI with my younger one (unknowingly). They are both beautiful, perfect and too smart for their own (or my) benefit at 4 and 5. My mother has been a L&D (labor and delivery) nurse for 36 years and has seen crack addicts have the most beautiful healthy babies and macrobiotic tree hugging granola types have stillborns. While I am obvliously in no way saying that pregnancy is a time to throw caution to the wind with regard to health issues, we have very little control over the survival process. Something greater than ourselves, the universe does.
> > >
> > > I know saying don't worry doesn't help, but if you can't stop, up the effexor or the klonopin or talk to your pdoc. Enjoy your little bundle - she's a gift to be enjoyed and was entrusted to your care. Don't waste time worrying over something so insignificant as an x-ray. Your daughter is here now and healthy, be happy!
> > >
> > > Best wishes, Katie
> >
> >
> > Thanks for your good advice. It is much easier to read and agree with then to act on it. I want to be able to enjoy my beautiful healthy girl and I know that the chances are overwhlemingly in her favor that she did not get cancer from the x-rays. That is the nature of my problem. Good news for you, MRIs dont emit radiation (although it sounds like you never worried about this). Thanks again and best wishes.
> >
> Jeff,
> I know it's ridiculous to tell someone not to worry. I never tell my daughters "you're o.k." if they fall down and start crying . . . it's one of those automatic response things, as if telling someone they're fine will make them fine! I always say "that must hurt, would ice make it feel better". It helps validate their pain (however minor) yet I don't encourage dramatic outbursts from them by giving too much attention to something as benign as a mosquito bite. Those kids end up being cry babies for attention.
> ANYWAY, just thought I'd pass along one of the few positive parenting techniques I find useful. I also wanted to let you know that I wasn't aware MRI's didn't emit radiation, but I did have two sets of x-rays done prior to the MRI (the results of which determined my getting the MRI). I wasn't sure if that would make you feel better or not.
> Another thing I would always remember when I was worried about deformities/abnormalities, etc. when I was pregnant, was that most of my generation's mothers lived on coffee and cigarrettes while they were pregnant. In the 60's and 70's this was normal, even female doctors drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes during pregnancy as there was no concern or awareness of it being detrimental to the fetus. Now we have mothers who are afraid to drink coffee or take a tylenol - quite the extreme. My obstetrician was an older man (late 50's) and he even prescribed valium to me with my second pregnancy as a sleep aid and muscle relaxant. I forgot all about that until just now. My doctor said 20 years ago we used to tell pregnant women to drink a couple of glasses of wine every night to unwind. The problem with today's society is that the medical community has to "dumb down" to the people who will go and drink 10 drinks a night instead of 2, so they make it zero. Anyway, the pharmacist took one look at me 8 months pregnant trying to fill my valium scrip and said "Does your doctor know what he's doing, I'm going to call him to make sure, etc." Of course some pharmacists love to play doctor and of course she did a little reading in her PDR and gave it to me.
> I hope you find alleviation from your pain and worry. I certainly know what it's like to obsess about unwarranted things.
> Best of luck, Katie

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I think your attitude makes sense. I would do well to adopt it. My mother smoked and drank with me during pregnancy but that may explain something. I appreciate hearing that you understand what its like to obsess about unwarranted things. Its been a very difficult time. I wish I could enjoy this special time more. Thanks for the parenting tip. It sounds like a good one.
Best wishes, Jeff




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