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Re: Wait, it's not the Focalin...

Posted by Caper on May 22, 2004, at 21:43:48

In reply to Re: Wait, it's not the Focalin..., posted by University on May 22, 2004, at 20:25:55

Strange what your mind/mood can do to your body isn't it?

I'm glad to hear you've found the right dosage. Is 20mg Focalin about the equivalent of 40mg Ritalin? So that would mean you are taking the equivalent of 40mg Ritalin three times a day? It does sound like a high dose, but my philosophy is to do whatever works and doesn't harm your health. Is Focalin working better for you? Does it last any longer than Ritalin?

As far as how I'm doing, well....could be better. I'm currently on Adderall while I finish the last three classes I need for my graduate degree. All I need is one paper and two exams and I'll have the degree. I was allowed medical leave because of depression, but unfortunately during the time I was desperately trying to finish the paper I turned to alcohol for stress relief and now I'm an alcoholic.

I've been fighting this and am currently drinking again (damn it!) but am planning a home detox using valium as soon as my family leaves on Tuesday. If that doesn't work I'll do an inpatient detox, but I really don't want to.

Luckily I have a psychiatrist who is willing to work closely with me so I can still get the meds I need for my ADD and self detox. I'm lucky I know, because most psychiatrists will not prescribe anything addictive to an alcoholic. He keeps a very close watch on my prescriptions, but he's willing to give me a chance unless I do something to make him distrust me.

Anyway, with luck I will have my law degree by the end of the summer.

If you have the time, please do tell me about the differences between Ritalin and Focalin. I know the chemical difference but haven't yet heard from anyone who has taken both. I'm thinking of asking to switch from the Adderall to Focalin. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks and good luck to you.


> Hmm, I think idiopathic urticaria, whether long-term or not, is , of course, a mystery. But in my case, I think it's stress. Not all types of stress, but deeper, more existential-type stress. I dunno. My mom said that when she was about to deliver my little sister, that there was only this big, pink, meaty orderly in the room. She was horrified to think of his hun delivering her baby and she became incredibly itchy all over--almost unbearably. but then her obgyn came in and the itchiness resolved immediately after she gave birth. so maybe it's just one of those things. with mine, there is never any rash/hives except for the redness and scratching impressions I make from scratching. My dermatologist called it dermagraphy or something like that. where you can scratch a line on your skin and a big, red, raised line appears soon after...
> the Focalin seems to be working at 20mg TID. I know that's a ton I guess, but ? :/ I'm trying not to factor in the fact that I hate my job, and that maye I "need" a lille more :/
> And how are you ?




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