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Re: Nardil questions - For Ace or Chad or anyone Shanti1

Posted by ace on May 21, 2004, at 22:52:37

In reply to Re: Nardil questions - For Ace or Chad or anyone, posted by Shanti1 on May 21, 2004, at 17:14:59

> Hi,
> I am a first time poster. Ace and Chad both have been very supportive and informative about Nardil.

No worries. Although Chad is long gone from here!
He has is own Social Anxiety site.

I finally found a psych. dr. to prescribe Nardil to me because of such postive stories such as yours about Nardil's effectiveness in combating SP.

Great work!!
> My history is that I suffer from extreme SP since I've been 14. Along with SP, I am currently suffering from depression because I am at my wits end of trying medications that I cannot tolerate.

You will be OK now- Nardil is on your side!

I cannot function in the outside world. Thank God, I have Klonipin to get me through the day.
> I have tried all the ssri's and they all increased my anxiety and I had to stop. I couldn't even last a few days on some of them. My old psych. dr. would not give me Nardil because he said that if I could not tolerate the ssri's I would not be able to tolerate Nardil.

That's nonsense. MAOIs do not have anxiety as a side-effect anywhere near the frequency of which SSRIs do.

So I swtiched doctors.

good move!

> Long story short, I just have a few questions:
> 1) Will Nardil increase my anxiety initially?

Probably not, but maybe. If it does it will only be for a brief duration. so PLEASE withstand it!
Nardil increased my anxiety a little in the first week, then 5 weeks later crushed my anxiety!! To this day it still works splendid for social phobia. Before Nardil I could not eat in public or dress in flaymboyant ways. With Nardil I could eat in front of 3000000000 people and where a clown outfit! Seriously, i have NO social phobia now.

> 2) I am starting at 15 mg. What did you start at and how did you ramp up?

I started at 30mg. Then went to 45mg. 45mg knocked me around- i felt drunk and was stumbling. Went back to 30mg. Around three days later went up to 45 no probs. Then went to 60 and stayed their for 4 weeks. It kicked in then. I went to 90mg and SEDATION (which i loved!) hit me BIG TIME!!!

> 3) I am currently taking Klonipin .5mg 3x a day and lorazepam prn, codeine prn for pain and neurontin 200mgs 3x a day. Can I still stay on these medications?

Yes. Not sure about codein but- i'll have to look this up. However when Nardil kicks in I doubt you will need Neurontin or Klonopin, or maybe only small doses.

> 4) What is the typical onset of Nardil?

between 1 and 6 weeks. Although some people have noted onset at day 1 or 2....others had to wait 8 weeks. For me it was 6 weeks- 4 of those weeks at 60mg. Please be patient and have faith.

> 5) Can I get a link to the current dietary restrictions?

Just do the psycho babble search and heaps will come up. However, a lot of the restrictions are now known to be nonsense. I never notice the diet restrictions.

> Sorry for the long post, but my current psych. dr. is completley unfamiliar with Nardil. He hasn't prescribed it in over 10 years. That's why I need you guys for support.
> Thank you for being there for me and I look forward to hearing from anyone with info. for me.
> Peace,
> Shanti

Feel free to ask me anymore qstns!!!!





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