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Re: XYREM-the only true anti-dep/anxiety med snapper

Posted by jerrympls on May 20, 2004, at 17:07:26

In reply to Re: XYREM-the only true anti-dep/anxiety med, posted by snapper on May 18, 2004, at 1:11:23

> Peoples, I don't know you and therefore can NOT judge you or your previous psychiatric conditions but what kind of money and 'Super rapport' with a splendid doc afford you to your new found life of bliss. I am sorry to be ultra-negative (my serious depression speaking....truly sorry for any conotations of sarcasim) GHB my GOD!!! We here on PB are all trying to get well with the current state sanctioned heterogenous class of 'anti-depressants & semi-questionable anxiolytics' that are offically labeled as "safe" and effective by the {FDA} in treating serious conditions of mind numbing depression and blood curdling states of anxiety. What do you seriously think the chances are that even 1 or 2 percent of us here on PB would be able to get a doc to prescribe GHB for our ill states of mental health?
> Any thing 'that good' is either ill-legal, contraband or otherwise and besides do you really think that all the pdocs want to risk losing thier precious, chronic, miserable, patients. (yes I am aware that it is FDA approved for a few select dis-orders and conditions) If it was the "only true anti-dep and anxiety med" , do you think that You , myself or anyone else here that frequents this board..would even have need for places like this. I am not attacking you-however I hope you use extreme caution in using this rather unstable molocule. (chemist correct me if I am wrong about its' un-predictable properties)
> In any case I am glad you have found your 'nirvana'.....but please be careful and good luck!
> Snapper

I'm not judging you Snapper -so don't take anythingI say personally. Xyrem is hardly an unstable substance. A very poowerful one that must be used with extreme care - but nonetheless it's as stable as any other med. People get all scared - AHHH! The date-rape drug!!? NO WAY! --I say HARDLY - alcohol is the #1 date-rape drug. What about Benedryl? That could be used the same way - so could valium, vodka, Seroquel, xanax, etc etc. GHB isn't so horrible - the MEDIA is horrible. Do not trust the media when it comes to meds. You know why Extasy is illegal? Because some official in Oklahoma saw that people were taking it and feeling GOOD - and this made him nervous - HONESTLY - so because he was a high official he banned it - not based on any studies - just because HE WAS NERVOUS. Do you know why cocaine is illegal? Because back in the early part of the 20th century, old fat, white, people thought it made black people "superpowerful" and "able to escape the law because of their unnatural super-strength" after taking the substance - this of course scared them to death! WE CAN'T HAVE BLACK PEOPLE OUT OF CONTROL!! So they banned it. Do your own research - it's true.

I've read a lot about GHB. Yes, it's a tricky substance and can be abused and can be dangerous - but it can correct the horrible hellish darkness of depression for many.




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