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Re: Benzo addiction

Posted by Caper on May 16, 2004, at 2:54:35

In reply to Benzo addiction Caper, posted by erik98225 on May 16, 2004, at 2:22:14

I understand your frustration, believe me. When I first admitted my problem to my shrink, the first thing she did was stop all my meds that might possibly have addicted me. Honestly I think the docs are worried about legal liability if you DID overdose or get addicted to the pills.

I never drank to get drunk either, I was just so incredibly tense and drinking seemed a harmless, easy solution. But Erik, if you're having physical withdrawal symptoms, I think you probably ARE an alcoholic, or fast on your way to becoming one. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I'm pretty sure it's true.

Is there any chance of switching docs to an addiction specialist? And what about a short term in-patient detox to start you off?

Again (I feel bad saying this) but as a last resort you could always go to one of those walk in medical clinics and say you're having a terrible time sleeping/relaxing at bedtime, that it is affecting your work and/or classes and that you'd tried Valium (or whatever) once before a long time ago and it worked. Say it's a temporary situation (like exam stress, a recent death in the family, dumped your girlfriend...something like that) so they won't be scared you're "drug seeking" and will be back again and again for more and more each time.

You probably will get a pretty stingy prescription, but then it really doesn't take much. I found the 3rd day of detox the hardest as far as irritability and anxiety, though the sleep was better by then.

Anyway, ordinarily I'd never ever suggest keeping info from docs but I think in this case it's the lesser of the two evils. If you keep drinking your use will almost certainly just get worse.

But consider the other suggestions too if you can. Either get a better psychiatrist or think about a short term detox program.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

> > I guess people's concern, which is valid I think, is that some people cannot control their usage and may wind up addicted, conning doctors out of more pills, seeing more than one doctor, using the meds in the daytime too...that sort of thing.
> My pdoc doesn't want to prescribe me benzos because I have "alcohol dependence", and with benzos you're basically getting alcohol in a pill.
> I disagree with his diagnosis of me as an alcoholic. I can't imagine having a drink with dinner. I don't want to get high -- I want to EAT! I don't like to get drunk, and I don't even THINK about alcohol until late at night, when I say "some beer would feel really good right now. Time to calm down, so I can sleep."
> During my numerous arguments with my pdoc over the relative risks and benefits of benzos, I have asked "can't you write me a non-refillable rx for like a 14 day supply, to just SEE if it works?" I mentioned that "I can have a roommate dispense the pills so I won't get drunk of them" -- and he STILL won't budge.




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