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Re: Question for chemist on klonopin

Posted by katalina on April 25, 2004, at 19:22:18

In reply to Re: Question for chemist on klonopin, posted by patricia leahy on April 25, 2004, at 14:29:55

I hope I'm not butting in here; but I just stumbled across your post and thought I'd help you out if I could . . . I know how confusing this can seem, I've been there myself.

Anyway, I take klonopin also in 0.5 doses 2x or 3x per day. The pills are scored, so if you are cutting them in half, you are only taking .25 twice a day, which is equiavalent of one 0.5 pill (as chemist stated). This then, is only half of one milligram per day, which is a pretty low dose for someone suffering anxiety and using xanax at all. I don't really have severe anxiety or panic, and I take 1.5 mgs (0.5 3x per day) which my neuro considers low (I take for some anxiety with Adderall). I was confused about the dosing for a bit when I started and was curious to what others used (what is considered high or not seems to vary person to person) so thought my 2 cents might be helpful!


> >they are .5mg apiece so iam not even taking a full milligram then.
> > >thanks for your input, you are so smart. now i really feel stupid asking this next question... but here goes.. does .5 mg and .5mg equal 1 full mg??? because what is on my bottle he prescribed is " Take one half to one pill aday or as needed" but isnt .5 only half of a mg? so shouldnt i be taking one.5mg in a.m and .5mg in evening? i hope i won't need the xanax much longer but good to have as a security. THanks and best to you
> > >
> > > hi there, 0.5 mg + 0.5 mg = 1 mg. are your tablets 1 mg, or are they 0.5 mg, in which case you would be taking 0.25 mg in the morning and then 0.25 at night....all the best, chemist
> > >
> > > > hi you seem to be one of the more knowledgable on this, i just started taking.5mg of klonopin half in the a.m and half at bedtime, what is a good dosage do you think, also can i expect a breakthrough panic attack? and if so how soon after taking a dose of klonopin can i take a quick acting xanax? i am new to all this and alot of people on here have been very helpful. i take no SSRI's have anxiety with panic attacks, also, my paper that came with this, said one of side effects is changes in weight, is that good weight loss or bad weight gain? and how long before i can feel safe just on the klonopin without my security blanket "xanax"?
> > > >
> > > > hi patricia....i assume you are taking klonopin 0.5 mg in the morning, then another 0.5 mg at night...kolopin takes a while - not long, maybe a week at the most - to build up in your system. it has a long elimination half-life, so chronic dosing at the 1 mg/day level you describe should put you on an even keel in no time. as for weight gain, this is a ubiquitously listed side effect of anything sedating: klonopin will not effect the levels of TSH, as some meds (lithium) will. thus, the get-up-and-go is up to you. as for xanax: i don't leave home without it, just in case. haven't had a breakthrough panic attack in several years, although in my case it was compounded by ssris or maois, which are stimulating. to recap, i would suspect that 1 mg klonopin/day will put you right in a short time, and keep the xanax at hand just in case...all the best, chemist
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