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Re: SID p.s. T_R_D

Posted by katia on April 24, 2004, at 0:33:21

In reply to Re: SID p.s., posted by T_R_D on April 23, 2004, at 17:17:45

Hey Karen,
Does this guy on TEg. get upset stomachs after drinking?
Maybe this explains my chronic diarrhea.
I work in a restaurant waiting tables and so the no drinking thing is hard for me at the moment.

I'll write more later as I'm exhausted and need to rest. p.s. you're not missing too much here - stay in Canada meds are cheap and people a bit more sane!

> **For me; I"m one of the few that Wellbutrin DID induce some mania! (even combined w/ Triletpal). BTW, do you drink? I noticed when on WB and when I drank I got greedy for more and then I got out of control wild. I had an overall insatiable appetite. (not to be rude - but masterbation lasted forever and I swore I went into some sort of enlightened state). I don't have a boyfriend so it's all I had. In other words, I was hyppppersexual hyper-anything-pleasurable.
> Well, we're all different and these wacky meds can do just about anything, I find. I used to drink...right up until I started the Lamictal! Now I find if I do, I get a headache and sometimes a bit of tummy trouble. I never had that problem with Tegretol. I work with a guy that takes Teg. for epilepsy and he has the same problem but with a more severe effect. Epilepsy doses are a lot higher though so I don't know if it's dose related. Could be. Hypersexual/anything-pleasureable??? Yep, that was me in my manic state. I lived like that for years. How I did I have no idea. I look back on the behaviour and just my memories make me exhausted. Yeah, I remember when I would masturbate, like 5 times a day or something... Well, okay that's a bit excessive but you get the picture. That can be a given for a guy but not so common with women--haha...
> But back to the drinking...I self medicated with alcohol for's so intricately tied to my mania. I still drank to try and compensate for the depressive lows as well...I drank every day for several years...then I kind of dried out for a couple and then straight back at it!
> > **Are you considered a rapid cycler? I am.
> Yes, indeedy!
> > **What doses are you on? I need Paxil I think. I'm starting to fall into a deeper and deeper depression. Could be the time of the month;;but this feels scary like I could fall into a hole. My boss tonight at work said he's never seen me like I was tonight "lost". I said "I felt lost". HE told me to take some time if I needed to.
> I'm now taking 75mg Effexor, 150mg Wellbutrin and 50mg Lamictal. I've only been on the Lamictal for three weeks so I need to find out how that progresses...if I can stay at this level or if it needs to be increased. It's doing a good job but supposedly the anti-manic effects don't hit until it's a bit higher. Who knows though. I'm finding more and more that I am an excellent anticonvulsant responder...maybe I'm metabolizing it super well. What do you do? Is your job stressful? Is taking time off feasable? Actually, we're getting into some personal details here... If you want we can take it off board. Email me at
> Paxil? Here's another example of individual response--SSRIs send me to the moon! And sometimes not in a good way. Zoloft drove me into a suicidal dysphoric mania/mixed state. It was my first overdose and landed me in the hospital for two weeks.
> > **San Francisco Bay area. (East Bay).
> Oh, man! Can I come and visit you?!?! My parents took me to California when I was four. FOUR! Can you believe that?!?! I can barely remember a thing! Actually, I can't enter your fair country at the moment. I was charged with impaired driving a few years ago and it's considered a federal offense/felony. At the border, there's no distinction in crime so the guards there might think I'm an axe murder or whatever. Yeah, all 5'2" of me... I just have to get a "pardon" which is easy enough...I just haven't had the time...or the cash; it costs a few hundred bucks. I can't afford the pardon so how could I afford to travel? Ah well, someday...
> Well, have a good weekend and email me if you want.
> Karen




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