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Re: My doctor is weird.

Posted by utopizen on April 23, 2004, at 19:02:04

In reply to Re: My doctor is weird., posted by 1980Monroe on April 23, 2004, at 16:20:08

> Hey utopizen,
> That is an unsolved Mystery. He actually asked to raise your dose OF desoxyn to 50mg over strattera? This guy sounds like he dosent know the diffrence between diladin and aspirin. You can get high on desoxyn, because ive taken it. Usally drug seeking behavior would actually be for desoxyn, not stattera. Lucky he would give you that much. Oh well, stattera for me was just a placebo.

Okay, I'll say this once, I did experiment, literally, once, and never again, with 25mg of Desoxyn when I first got the script. I never did it again, and came down an hour later with Klonopin ( a neuroprotective, to quell potential neurotoxicity issues).

But I've had previous docs who have given me 50mg/day of Desoxyn, given I have sleep attacks and several sleep lab studies that you can't fake if you wanted to.

This doc doesn't really seem to care that I get sleep attacks under control. He seems more concerned about my "ADD" (um, it's hard to focus when you're asleep!) and my social anxiety (um, I don't care anymore!)

I've tried 50mg of Desoxyn. You don't want to do it. Yes, you'd likely get "high" for the first couple of days, maybe, if you were new to it, but then that wouldn't last, obviously, as any meth addict will even tell you. You'd have to continiously up the dose to achieve euphoria.

No, instead you have sweat armpits that requires $1650 in botox-A injections every 6-12 months and talk so much you're a laughing stock of anyone you come across. And it may have caused my depression to get worse.

It sounds cute, if you're new to these meds, but euphoria exists and then before you know it you're chasing a downward spiral. Somethings are worse than they sound. This would be one of them. Luckily I'm smart, and knew not to repeat my experiment...

If someone's an incredibly empty and hallow person with no purpose in this world at all and never helps others in anyway, I suppose they may seek out the euphoria from meth. It's rather sad how empty people can be, so empty they never truly felt a natural high in their lifetime... the kind I would experience when I was 13 climbing a large mountain, something like that. Trust me, these highs are better, and I speak from experience into both kinds.

If Desoxyn doesn't help your school performance, it's no longer cute, it's hoilding you back. Just because it's novel to you doesn't mean it will help. I take these meds to help me, not to take these meds for the sake of taking these meds. That would be the most futile and empty thing I could ever do to myself.




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