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Re: My doctor is weird. utopizen

Posted by Sad Panda on April 23, 2004, at 14:11:59

In reply to My doctor is weird., posted by utopizen on April 22, 2004, at 22:21:22

> I've been seeing this new psycopharmacologist weekly for the 7th time now.
> I'll mention to him how I want an antidepressant, or Straterra, or possibly an antipsychotic, and he never takes my suggestions seriously.
> I make it very clear to him that this is advice I'm getting from past doctors I've had consults with him, that my docs have been leading their fields like in social anxiety, sleep medicine, etc. And later he'll say, "but are the experts?" And I'm like, "um, well, generally if they lead their fields, they might be called that."
> He has me on Klonopin 1mg 3x/day for social anxiety and 20mg of Desoxyn/day for ADD. I also have narcolepsy. And lately, depression, and my therapist also recently diagnosed me with obsessional thoughts.
> What kind of a doctor refuses to give Straterra or an antidepressant over methamphetamine+klonopin? And he thinks he's being conservative. He claimed last week that he'd have to ask his colleagues about Strattera because "it was a new drug."
> I think it's lying to me. I can't imagine a college not giving him a funny look if he asked what Straterra was all about. He didn't feel shy telling me he's never thought of Straterra for his ADD patients. That's ridiculious! Especially for someone who's failing it.
> He last time asked if upping my Desoxyn would help. I said no, that's not realistic, I've been up to 50mg/day by another doc.
> This week I mention, "um, so, you just want to up the Desoxyn?" He goes, "no!" as if I was the one who originally said it.
> So now he's just not doing anything. If I mention something at an appointment, he'll claim to look into, but forget we even had the conversation the following week.
> I'd just switch psychiatrists, but this is the 7th one. Sadly, he's the worst one, he's the only doc I've actually had to sell an antidepressant on. Now that I've actually matured over thinking Klonopin and Desoxyn is the ultimate combo, realized it's not working out, I have to deal with this clown.
> Oh yeah, I'm also depressed these days, but forgot to even mention it this appointment because I have to focus on the pathetic little stupid things that you'd think any other pdoc wouldn't have to be explained over, like how Klonopin isn't going to help me in the long-term and Desoxyn doesn't work when you're depressed like I am now... god.

Hi utopizen,

I don't know how to say this without insulting you, but you may be being overassertive with your docs. :) I try my hardest not to sound like an expert patient when I see my docs, but it is hard sometimes. You have to try & organise him into making him think that the drug you want to trial is his idea. In a way, methamphetamines & benzos are conservative because they have a long record of use, OTOH, SSRI's & SNRI's are fairly new drugs & so far have not proven to be any better than the older AD's & may have unforseen long term side effects that haven't emerged yet such as all of the Atypical AP's causing an increased risk of hyperglycmia & Diabetes. Atleast he hasn't been brainwashed by a team of Eli Lily salesmen into believing that Straterra is a miracle drug. Remember their last blockbuster Prozac isn't really any better than the TCA's that preceeded it.





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