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Re: Hey Bipolars!

Posted by utopizen on April 23, 2004, at 2:22:29

In reply to Hey Bipolars!, posted by man_oh_man1977 on April 22, 2004, at 22:16:05

It sounds like, number one, you need to talk to your doctor about your concerns RE: school.

Number 2, don't rule out anything, for no other reason than the fact that your concerns exist and there's no reason for you to rule out something unless your doctor concurs with all of your concerns AND agrees you don't have diagnosis X or Y on top of bipolar.

Why do you think you don't have ADD? If you didn't, why are you willing to risk your life on a few bottles of RedBull? Amphetamines have a far less lethal dose by comparison

More than 3 redbulls in a night can very easily kill you. I'm not kidding, you're right on the LD-50 after you finish sipping the third. I believe it's 50 cups of coffee that makes coffee's caffiene content lethal.

If you don't have ADD, then you wouldn't have any trouble focusing, biploar or not. I frankly don't see any signs going in any other direction. Bipolar has nothing to do with affecting your concentration while you're relatively stabalized on meds. If you're so concerned about school, it sounds like you have what is very common: both ADD+Bipolar.

But first, tell your doctor your concerns. If you told him you drink RedBull to help you focus, he won't buy any line of yours claiming you don't have ADD.

I convinced myself I didn't have ADD.18 years of hell until I happened to get it diagnosed upon seeing a doc for my social anxiety for the first time.

I also sadly convinced myself I wasn't depressed. I saw 8 sleep specialists before coming to terms with the fact that my environment was taxing me too much, and just because I was happy for the first couple of hours when I awoken didn't mean I had no depression to account for the remaining 90% of my day.

Bottom line: Don't deny a single thing until you tell your doctor everything. You're clearly using this board to get advice over things that would be more appropriate to direct towards your doctor, and that's not what this board is for. We don't "enable" others to medicate themselves as to avoid some aversion they might have to being as up-front to their doctor as they are to us.

More important, however, is this: why do you trust an Internet message board filled with confirmed cases of mentally ill people such as myself to give you advice over your doctor? I've just told you it takes a very long time for myself to realize I have something, and I'm pretty smart and with it when it comes to researching these things and all.

Never rule anyone or anything out unless you've got a second opinion. Trust me, there's kids on your campus without ADD but who have bipolar who wouldn't have a clue as to your concerns over studying. It's a very high percentage of kids who have ADD+bipolar together, and the combo makes a unique set of difficulties that sort of bounce off one another.




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