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Re: OCD or BP?katia

Posted by snapper on April 7, 2004, at 19:18:18

In reply to Re: OCD or BP?katia snapper, posted by katia on April 7, 2004, at 14:29:41

> Hi Snapper,
> Cool name. Where'd you come up w/ it?
> I do startle easily sometimes. What is sounds like is being in the flight or fight/sympathetic nervous system always activated. We're on edge in fear and noises are the target/scapegoat?
> who knows. I just so thankful mine's getting better. I'm taking Lamictal and Trileptal and Seroquel for sleep. Maybe that has something to do w/ it.
> Maybe the fact that I just bought a house on my own is so wonderful, I can tolerate (more than before) the barking dog next door because I feel safe in my OWN! home.
> and you're right, when I am out of balance mood wise and i"m tired - it's hell. Esp. snoring noises! that's probably why I don't have a boyfriend! I can't put up w/ the sleeping together!
> Katia

Hey Katia, man I did it again ..I had a really good post going to reply to you and I hit something on my computer and lost it!!!!!!!!! Anyhow >snapper, name< long story, but the basic is that I used to have this really cool and cute little dog, named snapper,she was very small and very hyper! (yorkie-poo mix) Kind of like what I used to be :) I don't have her any more, and I miss her but had to give her away because my mom could'nt keep up with her when my Illness got really bad!! I used to joke that she was like me! Only I think she was tri-polar! lol You are def right about the nervous system being on alert all the time! I wish mine would get better! Most of the meds I have been on over the last several years have done little to dampen that horrible startle response and it sucks. I live w/my sister and my folks right now , but sometimes just someone calling my name to ask me a simple question will make me jump. It makes me feel like I have PTSD, which I don't-at least not that I know of!! Lamictal, Seroquel, and Tri-leptal huh? Thats a tasty and simple little med cocktail! Is it working for you? I wish I was that simple. I see my pdoc next thur. and My little head is very busy trying to figure out what new things to try to make my head feel better. He is NOT big into poly-pharmacy , which is cool to a degree but at the same time I am miserable as hell. Congrats on your new home , I bet that really does give you some peace of mind and anything that gives us peace of mind is good for the ol' brain - I am hoping to get back to that point! I don't work right now! It sounds like you do, to own a home unless someone just blessed you !! lol--- I also don't have a girlfriend right now like you don't have a boyfriend... Not that I wouldnt' want one -its just that with my moods and anxieties and having to have my own space in bed and what not , I probably would drive her nuts. Snoring drives me nuts too, even though I do it, because I have sleep apnea! Speaking of which- sleeping disorders and mood dis-orders are very commonly co-morbid! Its a very frustrating health situation
-the very thing I need to feel better (proper sleep) is exacerbating my mood disorder and the freakin' drugs you need to help control your mood disorder tend to make you put on the lbs, which does nothing to help my sleep apnea, which in turn makes getting a proper nights rest very hard. I am seriously thinking of proposing the idea to my -pdoc that I need to be on a stim like adderall so I have the motivation to excercize, to lose some weight so I sleep better to in turn create a better mood state. Probably going to be a hard sell -But I need to do something! Hey I am bablin away again, so i'll let ya go! But keep in touch you're fun to talk to!! Sounds like we both have some of the same idiosyncrasies(sp)!




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