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????? SLS

Posted by simus on March 31, 2004, at 11:18:55

In reply to Re: Do antidepressants really work?, posted by SLS on March 31, 2004, at 8:56:47

Again, ?????

I highly doubt that you even read my post. It appears that you saw one line, then jumped to a wrong conclusion and stopped reading. You are trying to argue with me about something I NEVER WROTE, or for that matter even implied, or even believe. So how can I respond to that?

>> But I am starting to strongly believe that we need to address the underlying cause of our problems, not just put a "band-aid" on the symptoms.

> I think this is much too broad a generalization to represent depressive illness.

What generalization??? I was writing to another poster about our specific situations.

> "We" certainly does not include me.

Then you are very, very fortunate.

> My problem has shown itself to be %100 biological. No amount of psychotherapy in the world would makes a dent in my condition. I've tried. My brief periods of wellness produced by medication have been more than simply not feeling "bummed-out". In fact, even at my worst, I usually don't experience dysphoria. I am vegetative and cognitively demented.

Just for the record, my condition is also 100% biological. My psychiatrist ruled out the benefit of psychotherapy immediately in my case, and I have never had counseling. If you had read the rest of my post, you would have known that I am still on psychiatric drugs, and I may be for a while yet. But psychiatric drugs are not a "cure" for the subnormal amount of certain chemicals in my brain. They only aid my brain to more effectively utilize the chemicals that exist. Ultimately, I am hoping to improve my brain chemistry so that I no longer need drugs.

> It seems that each individual will fit uniquely somewhere within the spectrum of mood illness, with relative contributions ranging from 100% biological to 100% psychological.

Again, I never mentioned the psychological cause of mood disorders. I have no experience with it. But for those who do, I hear counseling is of great benefit.

> I wish my illness were 100% psychological. I wouldn't mind doing the work necessary to bring myself into remission. At least I would have some control as to how I feel. I know - the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

I don't want the chemical imbalance, but I am not willing to trade it for something else I deem easier to deal with. I have to agree it is a case of the grass being greener...

> Well, I've been on the other side of the fence. I once experienced a remission for 9 months brought about by a treatment using a combination of antidepressants. Of course, it was wonderful. Cosmic. Ah, but I did get "bummed-out" from time to time during this period. However, this was a totally different experience. I got depressed over the loss of an intimate relationship. But the depression that resulted was transient and felt completely different than how I experience bipolar disorder. They were two very different beasts. As I grieved and accepted the loss, I felt better. It was so cool.

I a glad you were fortunate to have that "cosmic" experience. But my physical battle has been so severe that I haven't been blessed with any sort of remission. I am also glad you are able to sort out your chemical depression from your emotional depression. That is probably helpful to you in some way.

> When I respond to a medication, I don't feel so much an end of depression as I do an awakening and emergence from blackness into a new and wonderful world of color.

Me too, but I would much rather be cured and live in the wonderful world of color without need of medication.

> For some people, drugs do much more than simply act as bandaids to treat outward symptoms. They hit targets closer to the underlying neurological abnormality that yields a comprehensive improvement in brain function.

Who said "outward" symptoms? Not me. Again, my message to the previous poster was in reference finding and correcting the biological cause of our neurological abnormalities. The psychiatric drugs I am on are certainly not a "cure" for me, so therefore they are just a "band-aid" until I can hopefully determine and fix the underlying causes of my condition.

May we all find the answers we are praying for.




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